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Comics and cartoons are educational


... especially those from WWII: Milton Caniff's How to Spot a Jap

Some quotes:

The Chinese has a smooth face .. the Jap runs to hair. Look at theirprofiles ant teeth. C usually has evenly set choppers -- J has buck teeth ... the Chinese smiles easily -- the Jap usually expects to be shot .. and is very unhappy about the wholething ... especially if he is an officer!


If you just slap a Jap's clothing to locate concealed weapons you may lose a prisoner -- and your life ... don't unscrew fountain pens or tinker with any object that could contain acid or an explosive. Watch out for sleeve guns and other comic strip gadgets ... The Japs are experts at such stuff ...

See also: Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips, and Tokio Jokio via BoingBoing

Tibet vs. Beijing


The NYTimes has an interesting article on how China is using immigration to slowly secularize the Tibetan region.
- Beijing Sends In the Masses to Make Tibet More Chinese

Yangtze Dam


A co-worker of mine recently took a trip to the Three Gorges region and came back with pictures of the work there, including plans for the huge dam. One of the interesting photos he had was of a small city that had been relocated higher up the river bank. You could see the old abandoned city below and the new city essentially rising out of it. Soon I guess it will be like Atlantis.

I was reminded of my co-worker's trip after reading this Washington Post article, which makes me scared about the whole affair. Here's a short summary of the scarier points:
- "Officials have been arrested for providing construction companies with shoddy materials"
- "Of the 90 tributaries entering the reservoir, 60 are now considered heavily polluted"
- "Millions of water rats have scampered up the bank... their carcasses will now roll back into the reservoir laden with poison."
- "Each year, the area around Chongqing will dump 350 million cubic meters of wastewater and 400 million cubic meters of industrial waste into the reservoir"