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Spy Museum


The Spy Museum in DC is a fun way to spend an afternoon. It's full of real-life spy gadgetry like cameras and bugs as well as historical artifacts like a letter from George Washington directing the creation of a spy network (more about George Washington, spymaster). There are also interactive touchscreen displays, such as exhibits that invite you to spot the dead drops and a visualization of the Enigma encryption engine.

The museum starts off with the tools of the trade. Some of my favorites included a beautiful example of hiding in plain sight -- a camera hidden in the side of a camera case -- as well as a camera attached to a pigeon. There was also a great display of various bugging techniques and a replica of a bug so ingenious that I still don't understand it: Russian school kids gave an American ambassador a carved eagle seal with a hidden air cavity and passive antenna, which could be activated as a bug by aiming a particular frequency at it.

The museum then moves you through a wide swath of spy history from historical figures like Sun Tzu, George Washington, and Harriet Tubman, to historical events like World War II and the McCarthy trials. Of course the vast majority of spy history may never be known, but its fun to peruse some of the more notorious cases.

There are side-games to participate in as you journey through the museum. One is keeping your cover, which requires you to memorize an identity and mission. I thought this would be fun until I discovered that it just involved answering questions at a computer screen -- it would have been much more fun if employees were trained to come up to you and ask you questions about your cover; it just isn't scary when you walk up to a computer screen vs. someone walking up to you.

A less official side game is sneaking into "secure" areas, such as a door with a combination lock that opens into a "Top Secret" room -- actually just a facilities room with the air conditioners. This is a more difficult game to play because it requires you to distinguish between allowed secret areas and actual private areas. I had to debate for awhile whether a staircase marked "No Admittance" was truly that, or just another opportunity to test my covert skills (I figured out that it was the stairway to the administrative offices, so I aborted).

Brawl results


Last night I went out with the VA crew to watch my first Capitals game in many years -- my first time to see them in the Verizon/MCI Center. The game started off well enough with the Caps taking a 2-1 lead over the Thrashers, but things quickly fell apart as the 2nd period edged on. Eventually the Caps were down 4-2, they were stuck in a 5-on-4 penalty kill situation with their best offensive player in the penalty box, and there was only about a minute and half left; there was no miracle forthcoming. Atlanta's Sutton took this situation as an opportunity to deliver a hard check, which resulted in mass fisticuffs between everyone on the ice. The Caps' Brashear pounded Vishnevski until there was blood in the ice, Kolzig eventually left his goal to have some words with Atlanta's goalie, and there were a lot of penalties/ejections and things to clean up off the ice.

Then as the players lined up for another faceoff, another fight broke out. More penalties/ejections.

Play finally got underway. Then Atlanta's Mellanby started hitting Heward in the back of the head, so Heward fought back and took Mellanby to the ice. More penalties/ejections.

It's about how I remember Caps games from the 80s ending, back in the era when fights were more common. Perhaps I'm a bad influence.

Headin' to DC, West Virginia


I'm off to Virginia. On Sat/Sun I'll be in West Virginia. I'll be in NoVA/DC the rest of the week until Saturday.

Ridiculous games?


Can someone in the Redskins nation inform me of a more ridiculous win than Sunday's 22-19 win over Dallas? It had me and my dad simultaneously cheering and laughing over the absurdity:

  • Score tied 19-19. Redskins' Novak shanks a 49-yard attempt wide right. 0:35 remaining
  • Dallas easily drives down the field and sets up 38-yard attempt for Vanderjagt. 0:06 remaining
  • Field goal is blocked by Troy Vincent, who has never blocked a kick before. Redskins' Sean Taylor recovers the ball and runs down the field for 30 yards before being tackled. Clock has run out. Refs call a facemask penalty that: 1) gives the Redskins one more play and 2) sets up a 47-yard field goal attempt. 0:00 remaining.
  • Novak's kick starts off wide right but hooks in. Redskins win.

I would like to call this revenge for Parcell's analysis of the Redskins, except Parcell's analysis of the Redskins was correct, and all the game really showed was how much luck it takes for the Redskins to win.

Favorite Christmas Moment


Featuring my 11-month-old nephew and an 18-month-old girl.

Girl is playing with a toy. Girl offers it to my nephew, who takes it, shakes it, and is very happy. Girl is smiling ear to ear. Nephew offers toy back to girl. Girl reaches out to grab toy -- nephew pulls it back just as she lays her hands on it. Girl walks away dejected.

Apparently babies learn sharing somewhere between 11 and 18 months.

I'm happy because I have this all on video.

First place would have gone to a friend's 3-year-old toppling an entire Christmas tree by pulling on a single ornament (no injuries), had I actually witnessed the event or aftermath. My nephew can't walk yet, but I'm sure my sister and brother-in-law will use that story as a lesson for baby-proofing their house.

Heading DC's way


I'll be in DC from the 24th to the 30th. I'm free except for the 25th and 28th, so drop me a note if you want to hang out.

Congrats Cyndi and Kenji



Kenji and Cyndi got married on Friday and should now be off in Argentina somewhere unable to read this message, but I wanted to wish them congratulations anyways. Three straight nights of partying with them wore out my liver a bit, but I appreciate the exercise regimen. We (Kenji, Cyndi, myself, and the rest of you) should do it again come X-mas time when I'm in DC again.

I posted some photos on Flickr -- I can also post them elsewhere by request. I tried to push the limits of my new camera a bit and as you can tell from the photos I pushed the limits a bit too far. I believe 'cameraphone' comes to mind.

It was fun matching blogs and Flickr photos to real people. It gives hope that most of the Internet is not made up by some fifty-year-old bald dude sitting naked in his parents' basement, which I believe is the plot of the next Matrix movie.

I'm back


I'm back from the East Coast, land of much rain but happy weddings. Also, land of slow dialup modem at parent's house, an experience that increases in pain as technology progresses. My time back in the West will be short -- I leave for the Far East this Friday, hopefully rid of this airplane-inflamed cold.

Trip Back-1-1 Trip back-2 Trip back-3 Trip back-4 Trip back-5 Trip back-6 Trip back-7 Trip back-8

October travels


I'm about to fall off the blogging radar. I leave for Wednesday for Kenji's wedding, get back Sunday, leave the following Friday for Japan and get back ten or so days after that. I'm pretty sure my 100-year-old grandma doesn't have Internet access, so expect little until I get back.

I'll be meeting a bunch of people at Kenji's wedding that I only know through their blogs and vice versa. I'm skimming through Flickr to see if I can better matchup handles, names and faces. If you really want to screw with me and have me go up to novak and say, "How's it going Anne?" feel free to mess around with your photo captions. It may be to your advantage -- the person who best impersonates novak gets a Penny Arcade t-shirt and sketch.

Here's a photo of me dressed up as an even-toed ungulate. I promise to show up dromedary and not bactrian.

Omigoodness Redskins may not suck


I had pretty much given up hope when the Redskins still had not scored a touchdown going into the 4th quarter. That's seven straight quarters with no TD.

I still had no hope when Brunell threw a long pass that somehow ended up in the hands Santana Moss in the end zone to make it 13-7. The Redskins had lost 14 of the last 15 matchups against the Cowboys and last year's near-victory was lost with 30 seconds left on the clock.

I had no idea what was coming when Brunell put it into the hands of Moss yet again in the final minutes of the game to make it 14-13. The entire Redskins offense was otherwise non-existent -- no running game, no passing game, and frequent false penalties.

Two plays on offense and some hard-hitting defense was all it took. I'm going to have to get used to a lot of low scoring games this year.

Washington Post summary Wilbon column

Woohoo! 'Skins suck! Really, woohoo!


Via snopes and a mailing list I'm on, I can actually be happy that the Redskins are so pathetic this year. I can even save face with my Packers friends as we are both unified in our desire to have Bush removed from office. I'll even wear a cheesehead if that helps this happen.

The Washington Redskins have proved to be a time-tested election predictor. In the previous 15 elections, if the Washington Redskins have lost their last home game prior to the election, the incumbent party has lost the White House. When they have won, the incumbent has stayed in power.

This election year, that deciding game takes place on Sunday, October 31 ... vs. Green Bay.



Please, please, please let this be true


Gibbs Considering Return to Redskins (

I went to a chat session with Michael Wilbon and one of the people asked him "Did you ever think you'd see the day where the Wizards are the most stable team in the DC area?" DC is a football town, and Gibbs could bring all back together.

So long Spurrier


Although I don't mind Spurrier, I've never had reached the point before where I couldn't even bare to watch the Redskins play. They were so bad by the end of the season that it was more interesting to watch other teams play.
Spurrier Leaving Redskins After Two Seasons as Coach (

DC Auto Show



X-mas day









Happy Holidays


My X-mas travelling starts in less than six hours. I should get to sleep. A photo of someone surfing the 'Net on a AOL+56K modem sits next to the definition of "masochism," so that and my wrist pain will be cause for me to stay off the computer. This may be my last entry for 2003, though I might squeeze in a couple before the New Year as my posts for December are way down. Depends on whether or not I get some do some cool stuff in LA/DC and/or get some cool gifts (Thanks honeyfields/cshell!).

FYI, I'll be in LA today, fly to DC on Monday, and return to SF on the 29th. I hope to see my VA friends while I'm out there.

Happy Holidays!

Update: thanks pqbon, who wrapped my presents in my bedding. I crawled into bed and said, that's strange, I don't remember reading my comics in bed recently, then saying, that's strange, I don't remember owning these issues of Usagi, ohhh.... excellent.

Redskins win!?


Redskins win 20-7 and Bruce Smith finally breaks Reggie White's record by getting his 199th sack. Ramsey stayed on the sidelines with a messed-up foot. This win reinforces my commitment to not watching the Redskins this season, as they seem to do better when I'm off eating brunch than when I'm sitting in the sports bar chugging beer. Hasselbeck Throws Two TDs to Lead Redskins Past Giants

Redskins blow it


Despite the Dolphins giving the Redskins numerous gifts and placing them in the red zone multiple times, the Skins' still managed to figure out how to lose in the fourth quarter, 24-23, including fumbling the final kickoff that would have given them one last offensive shot.
Redskins Get a Lift, Then Collapse (

Redskins suck again


Last minute touchdown sinks the Skins 20-17.
Panthers Are a Handful (

Now they win...


One of the few games this year that I don't watch and they finally win. Maybe I should just stop watching...
- Redskins 27, Seahawks 20

Redskins suck even more


Redskins had two weeks to prepare for their 21-14 loss to the Cowboys. There was a point in the second half where their total offensive passing yards was -10.
Thrown for a Loss (

"Oh no! We suck again!"


Redskins lose to the Bills, 24-7. I had to watch the other games on at the time at the sports bar, they were playing that bad (and have been all October).
'This Is One of the Worst' (

Bucs beat the 'Skins


While the Redskins kept it close in the first half, the continued punishment of Patrick Ramsey by Simeon Rice et. al took a toll on the Redskins, and the Bucs offense eventually opened up for 21 fourth quarter points to bury the Redskins 35-13.
This Time, Over Before It's Over (

Redskins lose to Eagles


The Redskins made an amazing comeback with less than five minutes to go, kicking a field goal, recovering the onside kick, and scoring a touchdown with thirteen seconds left on the clock. But they were still down two points, and Ramsey's pass went sailing over the Coles head, which meant that their last minute effort was all for naught.

Even during this last minute attempted comeback, the Redskins displayed all the problems that had ut them behind in the first place. It hardly looked like they had been practicing snaps, as they committed seven false starts during the game, and the receivers were constantly dropping Ramsey's passes (not that he was entirely accurate this game).
Two More Points to Make (

You win some, you lose some


Being a Redskins/Trojans fan, this isn't the season start I expected. The Redskins improve to 3-1 by beating the Pats 20-17, giving them their best season start in four years, while the USC Trojans, who had high hopes of a national title, lose to Cal in triple OT. Hang Time for Redskins
- USC Recap

Plenty of drama, but Redskins lose


We were trying to choose a restaurant after metamanda finished her marathon and I noticed that the Redskins were playing the Giants on TV, so the choice became much easier. It was already in the fourth quarter with the Redskins down 21-10, so I didn't have my hopes up. Suddenly, though, by the time the entrees came out the Redskins had tied it at 21-21 with a touchdown by Rod Gardner, a two-point conversion, a great defensive stand, and a field goal in the closing seconds. However, it was not to be as the Giants couldn't manage to screwup a second straight overtime game.
- A Kick in the Teeth

Fun 'n Gun emerges


So that's why the Redskins bought Coles. Didn't get to see this one b/c I was at the T-Mobile International, but it sounds like it was a fun game to watch if you're a Redskins fan - and were also lucky enough to miss the first half. Ramsey unloaded for 356 yards of passing, including 180 to Coles to fuel a 17-point comeback.
- Last One Standing

Jets 13, Former Jets 16


The Redskins took the NFL season opener 16-13. They looked good offensively for a little over a quarter, which was long enough to hand the game over the Redskins defense. It also helped that the Redskins had the Jets former kicker to kick three field goals.
- Off on the Right Foot (

Redskins sign Canidate


Redskins sign Trung Canidate, trade draft pick to Rams

Redskins Finally


Redskins beat Dallas 20-16
- Darrell Green's last game
- end of 10 game losing streak to Dallas
- Possibly last games of Emmitt Smith and Bruce Smith
- 9 combined turnovers
- Arrington on fire (fumble recovery for TD)

Redskins still stink


Got their butts kicked by the Eagles

USC and Redskins


USC going to Sugar Bowl
- After Georgia and Washington State win, Rose Bowl ruled out
- Notre Dame not picked as at-large

Redskins fumble game to Giants, 27-21
- Comeback ruined by Bailey fumble on punt return and McCants fumble after catch in 4th quarter
- Ramsey came in for injured Wuerrfel, led comeback
- 5 turnovers

Redskins slide


Redskins lose to Cowboys, again, 27-20
- 10 straight losses to the Cowboys
- blow 20-10 lead with Watson dropping pass on 5 yd line, picked up for INT, TD



Redskins hold out against Rams 20-17
- fumble recovery with 0:11 to go in the red zone (Arrington/Gardener)
- great plays by Smoot
- Controversial call: refs whistled ball dead on Rams fumble in red zone, Rams scored TD



Redskins beat Seattle
- defense mighty, offense sluggish

49ers beat Raiders in overtime
- Cortez missed field goal in final seconds of 4th quarter
- Cortez hits game winner in overtime

Redskins vs. Colts


- Redskins hold on to win
- waste 20 point lead

Redskins lose


Redskins lose... again
- Shane Matthews injured, again
- Missed tackles
- Wuerfel throws away best field position of the day