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IT admin robot


At IREX 2007 I saw many robots, but none as technologically sophisticated as the ITAPPMON 'robot' that Daily WTF describes.

cPanel cretin-ness



Transferring my Web service for has certainly improved life, but one thing I have not liked from Day 1 is the cPanel software you have to use in order to manage everything. It's as if a panel of cretins, fools, morons, and lunatics had a pow-wow. Here's a partial list of their idiocy:

  • The button to 'check' your database is pixels away from the button to 'delete'
  • The menu lists both 'chatroom' and 'phpMyChat', and both use the Photoshop icon
  • The 'MySQL Databases' menu doesn't let you backup your mysql database -- you have to go to 'Backups' instead
  • Four icons use the MS Access logo; none of them have anything to do with MS Access.
  • The text fields on the redirect manager are too small for any actual URL

I could go on and on and on, but Daily WTF/Worse Than Failure has caught one even more beautiful (except for the 'delete'/'check' one, that really gets me). Click on the screenshot to see what the cPanel folks came up with for the password change screen.