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Bridge School Collection on iTunes


Within my own memory banks, some of the great tracks there are Billy Idol doing "For What It's Worth" and Dave Matthews and Neil Young doing "Cortez the Killer". The latter track will cost you $60 as it is marked "album only", which seems rather crazy applied to 80 tracks -- buy 78 tracks, get two free! The Bridge School concerts are good, but I'll have to decide whether or not they are $60 good.

I'm sure there are other great tracks in there as well, but from my limited attendance I do know that there's plenty missing, including Trent Reznor's set from this year, Paul McCartney singing "Hey Jude" with the audience, Dave Matthews and Neil Young doing "All Along the Watchtower", and Neil Young and the audience doing "Imagine". I don't know if these are awaiting a future release, stuck in licensing issues, or what. With Pearl Jam releasing full recordings of their concerts within 24 hours, I thought we were finally in an age where it might finally be possible to have it all. But at least with iTunes, we have 4x as many tracks as were previously available.

Concert: Bridge School


My first Bridge School concert. Worth every penny/hundred dollar bill. Bring pants next time. Pearl Jam was a big disappointment, seeing as I came mostly to see them. They hadn't played together in awhile, and it showed. They were also playing some new songs that I didn't think were particularly good, and they were also in a rush to get up to Seattle with REM for another concert.

Billy Idol was definitely the highlight of the night, especially for his theatrics and for the way that he performed for the Bridge School children, performing his sexually charged lyrics directly to them. In an acoustic concert where most artists interepret that to mean their hit songs, but slower, having Billy Idol going full blast was a big energy booster and got everyone going.

Neil Young
Sugar Mountain and Blowing in the Wind (how many cannonballs´┐Żbefore they are banned?)

Jill Sobule
Kathie Lee loves me
Slutty Mouseketeers (Bitter song)

Ben Harper
songs to sleep by
Song w/ mother

The other song from automatic for the people
Everybody Hurts
Sugar of life (or whatever that crappy song is called)
Losing my religion

Dave Matthews
Song w/ Tracy Chapman
Sometimes I find its better to be somebody else
I did it
w/ Neil Young: All Along the Watchtower. This was actually cool.

Pearl Jam
The Kids Are Alright
2 new songs (last hope? Written by Mike). Very appropriate for acoustic
Lowlight (first live performance)
Nothing as it Seems
1 unidentified song (truth)
Indifference w/ Ben Harper
Soldier of Love

Tracy Chapman
More songs to sleep by

Billy Idol
White wedding
For What It's Worth w/ Neil Young (in cowboy hat) - Buffalo Springfield cover
Rebel Yell
Mony Mony

Neil Young
Blowin' in the Wind