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Gateway becoming Sony?


I thought I'd post this because I grew up buying Gateway computers, and I think it's really cool that they're finally heading in this direction (after some lukewarm attempts with the Destination PC). Gateway is now selling a "Connected" DVD player, which includes an 802.11b connection and can stream content from your PC. They also have the Media Center PC, which comes with a 42" plasma screen (yum - though TiVo would be much nicer than Media Center). This interview on CNet with Ted Waitt indicates that they are probably going to lauch more products in the consumer electronic space.

These aren't the most ground-breaking products, but I'm optimistic, especially b/c they don't have a music group tying down their innovation (Sony "Home of the Walkman" still doesn't have a competitor to the iPod). Also, unlike Apple, you won't have to earn $100K/year to outfit your home with their products.