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Golden Gate Bridge - (c) Ken Conley
1k to go - (c) Ken Conley
Thomas Peterson - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley

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It seems that Mother Nature was intent on compressing an entire California winter into a single day. We saw near-freezing cold rain, sunshine, wind, and even brief hail. On TV it just looks like normal rain, but this is my-fingers-don't-work sort of rain and, my-camera-won't-work sort of rain. Rain blew directly into my camera while shooting the Golden Gate Bridge -- I managed to squeeze off three shots before rain drops started blurring out riders and bridge suspension. Tunitas Creek was coated in cold fog, rain -- and yet tons of Bay Area riders rode up to line the climb. I was hoping to catch the riders at Bonny Doon but mudslide repair took out a lane of Highway 17 into Santa Cruz and I shot from the top of a bike rental shop 1 kilometer from the finish instead. Thankfully there was finally sunshine in Santa Cruz; I felt warm for the first time this Tour of California.

Yesterday was bad enough that my 30D is still non-functional. Whenever I turn it on, the shutter immediately starts clicking and never stops. I'm hoping for recovery by tomorrow. Big thanks goes to Mario of Vero, who lent me a camera body in lieu of my ToC-killed one.

Update: the 30D lives!

Stage 2 Photo Gallery