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Slashdot aftermath


Yesterday's Slashdotting only brought in about 4-5x the normal daily traffic. As it turns out, I was actually getting hit by a one-two punch: two days ago was a big traffic spike due to a Obi-Wan Kenobi Valentine's image I posted from Something Awful (people were loading a 150K category archive page).

Looking at the number of visits:

08 Feb 2007 3832
13 Feb 2007 4782
14 Feb 2007 7946

15 Feb 2007 18078

18,000+ isn't that terrible in comparison to the normal 3,000-4,000 daily visits. It certainly would have been much higher had my server not been burning toast.

Yesterday was actually a good day from a bandwidth perspective (300-450MB is normal).

08 Feb 2007 412.45 MB
13 Feb 2007 658.47 MB
14 Feb 2007 946.67 MB
15 Feb 2007 457.37 MB

NOTE: The heavy bandwidth on the 13th and 14th was due to the Valentine's traffic.

# of pages and # of hits was only about 2x normal.

So, from a traffic perspective, it wasn't really the DSL line that was at issue. My Apache server (for whatever reason) wasn't able to handle the # of requests coming in. I blame Windows/Microsoft, as always (not my lack of skills in configuring an Apache conf file ;) ). Looking at my network utilization graph, the Apache server would handle the incoming requests well for a couple of minutes without fully saturating the link. Then there would be a sharp spike and the graph would flatline as the Apache server became unresponsive.

Perhaps the more interesting statistic was how I did with my Google ads. I believe I'm not allowed to share those directly, but I can make the following summarizations:

  • click-through ratios went down on my blog. Slashdot traffic is not ad-friendly.
  • click-through ratios on everything else went up about 3-4x.
  • yesterday still was not a 'banner day' with respect to ads

One nefarious conclusion one can draw from this is that slow site = better ad sales. This makes sense: people see the ad load, but the rest of the content is slow in coming and they decide to leave.

Splogs suck, but they're smart


A couple weeks ago I posted about how blogging about mesothelioma could get you big bucks from Google Adsense. Lo and behold, that post has shown up on a spam blog for mesothelioma. spam blogs often use computer programs to grab entries from around the Web that contain the keyword they are trying to spam and then post excerpts in an imitation of an actual blog. At least mesothelioma is more profitable than the spam blog about squirrels that I found linking to this entry.

Looking for blog ideas?


A year ago, Michael Buffington did the short-lived Asbestos News blog experiment to capture high-paying adwords revenue. Apparently he didn't break the market because the uncommon Mesothelioma -- a cancer caused by asbestos -- will still let you mint your own cash if you can get someone to click on a related adword. The phrase mesothelioma lawyers costs an advertiser $54.33 per click. For more absurd rates, check out this cyberwyre list. Via

I guarantee you that Comic-Con and AAAI keywords don't pay nearly as well :)

I'm superduper rich!


adsense100.JPGI sold out last May and started putting Google Adsense ads on some of the older entries on this site. For the first couple of months I only got $0.29/day. In August it jumped up to about $1.07/day and this month it's $1.29/day (the increases were due to placing ads on more pages).

At $0.29/day having ad revenue is like getting a nice birthday present once a year: it's nice, but you're not really sure it's worth the effort. Once I broke $1/day it became much easier to match the revenue to the costs of running the site: $30/month matches well with Web hosting costs or can easily fund hardware upgrades. There's no profit in it, but it feels more self-sustaining.

I didn't sell out to make a profit, so this for me is a wild success. I still find it mind-boggling that anyone would pay me any money to read my old dreck, but I'm sure I can manage a happy maniacal laugh when I deposit my first check.



I broke the magical $10 barrier with my Google adwords today. It took about a month to reach that mark, though it took about a week of fidgeting with the ad layout to figure out what was the best placement.

I monitored mybloglog to figure out which entries to place ads on, eventually choosing about 15% of my entries to mark with ads -- this results in about a third of my incoming traffic is being served ads right now. I would get a higher percentage if I placed ads on my category archives, but I'm not willing to do that right now.

Of course, given that In-n-Out pays $10/hr starting, I would make more money flipping burgers, but experiments are experiments. If only I could start getting some of the home loan ads or trial lawyer ads, I would really be rolling in the dough.

I've placed ads on this entry if you're curious to see them (if you don't see them, click on the entry title to go to the individual entry page).