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Google "Experimental" Labs


Google Labs has gotten a bubbling cauldron: Google Experimental Labs. The coolest of the bunch is Timeline and Map view. Compare, for example, Tour de France (timeline) and Tour de France (map). More interesting, perhaps, is Route 66 (map), Benjamin Franklin (map), Christopher Columbus (timeline), or Computers (timeline). google.experimental.labs.timeline.computers.jpg

I've been having fun trying to produce timeline results in the future, but with limited results as it appears that future dates are downweighted. Population growth and climate change provide a glimpse into the future, but armageddon already occurred many times and the future is past.

I have some quibbles, but they are fairly easily resolved: the timeline labels are misleading, the map sometimes leads you to miss the outlying datapoints, and the results are a bit wobbly -- your results can change as you browse a timeline, leading to vanishing and re-appearing data points.

Also in the Experimental Labs are keyboard shortcuts, which I believe has been around, left-hand search navigation, and right-hand contextual search navigation.

I'll leave you with the presidency of George W. Bush (map)