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I Hate Microsoft IV


Update: you may wish to go to this Microsoft support article (thanks Frances) if the comments below don't help you with this issue. Back when I wrote this post the support article did not exist and this post is mostly here to detail my frustrations with how poorly Microsoft dealt with this issue.

I just installed Service Pack 2. Impressively there is no smoke emanating from my laptop, but we shall see. It appears that they have upgraded some useful services, such as Bluetooth and 802.11 management, though I have no Bluetooth device to take advantage of the former, and for the latter I get this wonderful message:

Windows cannot configure this wireless connection. If you have enabled another program to manage this wireless connection, use that software. If you want Windows to configure this connection, start the Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) service. For information about starting the WZC service, see article 871122 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base on the Web site. (emphasis mine)

Am I the only one that finds this message completely broken?

I felt like testing exactly how broken this message is, so here's my attempt to look this article up: * There's no link to article in the error message, so I open up a browser to * I try typing 871122 into the search box at the top of -- no results. Seeing as Google is smart enough to be able to detect FedEx tracking numbers, numerical equations, street addresses, and so on, you would think Microsoft would be able to tell that I was typing in one of their knowledge base article numbers on their own search page. * I click on the "Search the Knowledge Base" link on the front page * I type 871122 into the search box that's labeled "Search the Knowledge Base." I get back "We Currently Have No Documents That Match Your Search." Apparently not even the Knowledge Base search engine can recognize its own article numbers. * I notice a link further down the page that says "Knowledge Base Article ID Number Search" * Again, I typed in 871122. This time it tells me "The Knowledge Base (KB) Article You Requested Is Currently Not Available"

Oh Microsoft, how I hate thee.

I Hate Microsoft III


I've really meant to post these more often after I posted kwc blog: I Hate Microsoft I and II, but it's hard to post something everytime I'm confronted with more material. I found this one so stupid it deserves a post:

This item updates the Bookshelf Symbol 7 font included in some Microsoft products. The font has been found to contain unacceptable symbols. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.

Any of you with Windows will have probably already seen this, but I just wanted to highlight the relevant portion. Apparently, removing a swatiska from a font (the reason for the update), requires a reboot. I guess you need the cleansing reboot to remove all the remnants Nazi symbols from your system. Actually, the symbol exists in the font set because it represents "good luck" in Hinduism/Buddhism, so really the reboot must be because all the luck that's holding Windows from falling apart disappears.

I Hate Microsoft I and II


I: This bug cost me half an entire afternoon: 318003 - BUG: Visual Studio .NET Setup Fails on AddShareAndPermissions Custom Action. Apparently, you have to setup a fake wwwroot in order to install Visual Studio, a programming environment. Whaaa? I'm sure in 2004 it will complain that my Windows Media Player isn't up-to-date when I try to install C#.

II: The other half of my afternoon was wasted by bad dependency verification in the Visual Studio .NET installer. After I did a Windows Update on the .NET framework (which came with the installer), it finally started working (5 reboots and 2 hours later). I'm not even sure the two were related.

(I) update: My problems with (I) are not over. Among the suggestions I now have to try: (i) copy the entire DVD to my hard drive and try the installation, (ii) create yet another folder on my computer with appropriate permissions and (iii) update my DVD-ROM firmware and disable DMA.

(I) update 2: Finally, I have it installed. Apparently you need to copy all of the files off the DVD into a directory named "mssucks."