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USA Crits Finals 2009

Laura Van Gilder Wins - (c) Ken Conley
Brooke Miller - (c) Ken Conley

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Mellow Mushroom's Laura Van Gilder outkicked the pack for the win in the women's race. The field was relatively small, and the attacks came fairly fast early on with TIBCO's Brooke Miller and others stringing out the pack. Eventually Mellow Mushroom's Kristen Lasasso got off the front and the field was content to let her dangle there until the finishing laps. It proved the right tactic for Mellow Mushroom as Laura Van Gilder was able to take the win and clinch the USA Crits overall crown.

I didn't stick around after the first couple of laps of the Men's race as I had plenty of photos to process from Interbike itself.

Dominque Rollin - (c) Ken Conley
Jenn X - (c) Ken Conley

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Interbike Bits


I only spent a day and a half at Interbike this year as I had other things to tend to this year. I didn't take too many photos as I was saving my energies for shooting races, but here are some things that got me to break the camera out.

LOOK 464 Track Bike


A relatively inexpensive aluminum LOOK track bike, for those that can't afford a 596.

Storck Aero 2

Storck Aero 2-3

I know I might come off as biased for pointing this bike out as I've previously covered Storck, but this bike is all sorts of sick. Plenty of TT bikes have brakes inside the fork nowadays, but who has integrated, carbon leaf-spring brakes? Add on Shimano Di-2 electric-specific customizations and you have one helluva bike at a mortgage-worthy price tag.

Storck Aero 2-Integrated Carbon Leaf Spring Brake

Dahon Folding Helmet

Dahon Folding Helmet-2

Dahon Folding Helmet-4

It's a helmet, that folds. Not something I need for my arsenal, but kudos for the ingenuity.

They also have a bike -- wasn't in the booth when I visited -- that can charge your iPhone off the front hub dynamo.

Prologo Nago Evo TTR

Nago TTR Cancellara-2

Saddle of Spartacus, World Champion

Rock Racing

Rock Racing Bikes-2

Rock Racing Bikes-4 Rock Racing Bikes-6

I can't see myself riding coated in RR logo, but what I liked about this bike was a production bike where all the components have an integrated design: Prologo saddles, Lightweight wheels, cranks, seatpost, cockpit, etc... You can even get matching helmets. Everything fits into the overall design. It took getting a lot of manufacturers on board to do something like this.

Giro Prolight

Giro Prolight

Giro Prolight-2

This was all over the peloton at the Tour de France, though Lance interestingly stuck with his Ionos. Perhaps he thought the Ionos looks better... which it does.

It really does feel different to have almost nothing sitting on your head, and I liked the elastic, no-adjustment strap that swoops around the back of the head. I was less sure about the feel of the chin strap, which felt a little too tensioned as a result.

At $200, this one is mainly for the "racers".

Interbike Booths


Interbike boothsI was pretty busy at Interbike shooting booths for MTBR and RoadbikeReview. Appointments to start shooting booths started at around 9am and I usually didn't finish shooting until about 5pm, with half an hour for lunch. Then I'd take an hour break to unload photos off my camera, swap batteries, hopefully get some food, and shoot the evening races. I'd finally get back after 11pm and process photos until 3am. Good times. If I struggled in conversation with you at Interbike it was the sleep deprivation. Really.

I shot Look, Michelin, Hayes, Ibis, Kona, BH, Crank Brothers, Fox Racing Shox, FSA, Raleigh, Park, RASE, and WTB. I also shot Ritchey and Pivot, which will be open soon. I was understudy to Photo-John, who warned me it would be difficult, but I didn't fully appreciate it until I hit the convention floor. Instead of trying to be creative, it was me and my strobes versus the evil lighting. I got to meet a lot of nice industry reps, though, and I always enjoy learning by drinking from the firehose.

Cross Vegas Photos


Trebon Wins 20080923_5655

Cross Vegas Lance Armstrong20080923_5614

All this time shooting cycling and my first cyclocross event happens to be Cross Vegas -- with sudden surprise entry by Lance Armstrong. I'd like to pretend I could summarize cyclocross as a sport based on this one event, but somehow I feel that I can't: the Lance Circus, the Elvises (Elvi?) both on and off bike, dollar bills shoved into helmets, beer sprayed at riders as they run past, the wigs and beards (including Justin England in a particularly hideous wig), etc... It was such an impressive field as well: Trebon, Wicks, Kabush, Johnson, Sauser, Wells and more -- the callups seemed to last forever. I'm sad that I had to miss the women's race with the Compton-Gould-Nash podium (too many Interbike obligations).

Cross Vegas 2008 Photos

Wicks 20080923_5452 Adam Craig goes down 20080923_5560
The King 20080923_5522 Johnson leads Trebon 20080923_5606

Cross Vegas 2008 Photos

USA CRITS Finals: Men's Race


Hilton Clarke Wins 20080924_6356

Toshiba Falcon 20080924_6311

Ivan Stevic 20080924_6270 Umbrella Girls 20080924_6110 Toshiba Falcon 20080924_6147_1
Toshiba Mark Hekman 20080924_6200 Escuela 20080924_6246
Purple Thing 20080924_6289 Meyerson Meyerson Clarke Clarke 20080924_6183

Toyota United's Hilton Clarke took the sprint and Toshiba barely held off TIme Pro to take both the individual and team series crown with Yosvany Falcon at the helm.

USA CRITS: Men's Race Photo Gallery



Sunset 20080924_5951

This one is from the master's race, so it gets its own entry. Still processing photos...

Interbike Wednesday: P4! Lance!


Cross Vegas Lance Armstrong20080923_5510

Cervelo P420080923_5068

So much went on Wednesday, but I'm still buried under a mountain of photos and have little time to write. Two of the major items are the ones you see above. Yes Lance raced 'cross, perhaps the oddest presence in a field that had Justin England wearing an awful wig, a rider dressed as Elvis,and fans pushing dollar bills into the helmets of passing riders. The field split quickly into two races: the race for the victory between Trebon, Craig, Wells, Johnson, and others in the first group, and the race to shoot Lance Armstrong in the second group. You can see more of my Lance photos in my Road Bike Action Web gallery.

There's also the Cervelo P4: get yours now before the UCI rules it illegal. If the water bottle were frame it might be illegal, but as it is removable, somehow it isn't. They claim its the fastest possible bike: UCI legal or no. I'm a little sad to see that physics hasn't somehow designed a better looking bike. It kinda looks like someone welded together a TT frame using tubing from a bunch of different spare bikes. RoadbikeReview has a video of the naked frame, so you can judge for yourself.

Interbike soon


I leave for Interbike tonight -- I'll have to do Outdoor Demo another year. I probably won't have time to do much coverage here as I'll be supporting MTBR's and RoadbikeReview's much more detailed efforts. I'll also be trying to corner Fritz of for some commute bike recommendations. He's covering Interbike for Commute by Bike. Just yesterday, two of my co-workers asked me for recommendations. so I've been perusing Commute by Bike's bike database.

Interbike Prep


2009 Catalog Vanderkitten TearsheetI'll be doing Interbike for the first time this year, so it's only fitting that it's become the biggest event on my calendar this year. All those Friday nights at Hellyer Velodrome and the SF Twilight Crit have been to tune up my flash work for Cross Vegas and the USA Crits Finals. The main event, though, is actually shooting the tradeshow. I'll be taking photos for the Virtual Tradeshow Booths on MTBR and RoadbikeReview. Needless to say, I've been stocking up on batteries as I've never had to shoot all day, then shoot a race. That's Vegas, Baby!

I also managed to land the cover of the Vanderkitten 2009 Clothing brochure, just in time for its Interbike debut. It's technically an apparel shot though I was actually concerned with framing the "LOVE YOU" on the handlebars well, which would make it a handlebar shot. But from the traffic stats I know it's neither.

There should be more work of an apparel nature appearing elsewhere soon, which stretched the limits of my sanity. That perhaps sounds too exciting, but I will just add that my only solution for figuring out how to shoot clothing was to drape it on a bike. I'm very limited as a photographer.