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Movie: Casino Royale


casinoroyale.jpgI went to the Spy Museum in DC, which I thought would be good preparation for Casino Royale, but as it turns out, it wasn't. The new 007 flick is less spy-gadgety and much more blunt assassin who's not much for covers. With this latest reboot of the 007 series, the producers decided to do away with the Pinky-and-the-Brain-world-domination schemes, Swiss Army cars, and overly cute dialog, instead delivering something more realistic: a bad guy who's just trying to make a paltry $100M. Even Dr. Evil wouldn't be blown away. The bad guy does have one ridiculous trait -- crying blood -- but you can almost believe that all of this all of this is happening as we speak. It is perhaps for that reason that the new Bond feels more violent and dark, as every punch is more believable. Or perhaps it is the fact that even the opening credits do away with the female silhouettes, instead treating you to scene after scene of silhouettes being murdered.

Daniel Craig plays this Bond role well: a gentleman in a suit with a psychopath beneath. Well-adjusted human beings don't go around murdering people in bathrooms. The psychopathic elements remind me of Frank Miller's Batman and the more realistic spy drama reminds me of Rucka's Queen and Country, but at its heart you still feel that you are watching a Bond movie, albeit stripped of some of its more silly trappings.

A lot of the reviews have been billing this as a origins-style movie, ala Spiderman and Batman Begins, but that seems to be misplaced in my opinion. Bond is still learning in this film, but that is not the nature of this film.

I'm a bit surprised by the sky-high 95% Rotten Tomatoes score, which you generally see for movies that are more well executed than this. I attribute it in part to lowered expectations from previous films, as this movie is not without its faults. It is a very long 2 hours and 24 minutes, the pacing is a bit off with some really rough cuts, and my mind still hasn't made chronological sense out of the cuts in the casino scene. But is a good action film, assuming you like something a bit darker but still PG-13.