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Java 1.6 really is 20%+ faster


Java downloadIt's nice when you see performance claims hold up in your own use. I just installed Java 1.6 (a bit late to the game) and, sure enough, the load time of our application improved by 25%. We've been working on performance with this release, but we're thinking of just saving ourselves time by saying, "our new release takes advantages of new Java 1.6 features to improve performance by over 20%."

Sun misses out


I think that Eclipse is one of the coolest software platforms I've ever played with. I was hook once I figured out refactoring+QuickFix. With refactoring I can fix bad design choices quickly, and with QuickFix I can basically starting write code using a Java class that doesn't exist yet, and have Eclipse auto-create it on-the-fly. (I'm partly biased in that NetBeans is about the ugliest IDE I've ever seen.)
Sun drops bid to join Eclipse | CNET