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Jonathan Vaughter's Tweet of the Day


In the last of this year's series, a fitting tweet to celebrate Garmin-Chipotle's success this year:

Well, I'm finally close to the Champs... Closer than I ever got as a rider. JV

Vaughter's helped guide his young talent and unheralded leader through their first Tour de France, mounting a series move on the GC podium, coming oh-so-close to breakaway stage wins, placing high in the ITTs, and flying the new Garmin-Chipotle kit well. Not bad for a rider that went 0-3 in finishing Tour de Frances.

Vaughter's Tweet of the Day (Stage 15)


The stage hasn't finished yet, but I think this one will take it:

Apparently we crash as a team too.. Everyone ok, JV

In reference to Dean, Millar, Vande Velde and others being involved in a slippery, double-sided roundabout crash.

Vaughter's Tweet of the Day (Stage 11)


Tweet of the day returns, with a vengeance:

JV's famous bee sting photo

background story here

Vaughters Tweet of the Day (Stage 5)


The pickings were slim due to the relatively tame (aka boring) stage today, but it's still kinda hard to choose. First off there's the revelation that Garmin-Chipotle is talking to 2 riders for next year's roster. Let the speculation begin. But I liked this pair of tweets:

Maybe I can convince Whitey to tell Will to attack when these dudes get caught? Maybe keep his red number (most aggressive) ? Maybe stupid ?

Probably stupid.... We'll keep the eye on the ball and see if we can put together a good effort for Julian or Maggy.. Au revoir! JV

Vaughters tweet of the day (stage 4)


Frank already beat me to this for today, but here's today's choice tweet:

TeamSlipstream Ooops... I just dropped the F-Bomb on Versus, live. Sorry to all the parents out there. It was just really intense today... JV

Who knew the NYTimes is a cycling site?


Steven Cozza
Slipstream rider Steven Cozza at the ToC
I may be the last cycling site reporting this, but Millar, Zabriskie, and Vande Velde are all confirmed to be future argyle-sporting riders. Millar and Vande Velde are training partners according to ROAD Mag, and DZ + VV are already teammates. Add Millar's reformed anti-doping stance and the CSC drug testing program and it seems like a good trio of riders to pick up. I'm happy as it means that I should be able to see more of those riders state-side.

Update: "Former Paris-Roubaix winner" to Slipstream as well, which, according to CyclingNews, means either Stuart O'Grady (2007), Fabian Cancellara (2006), Tom Boonen (2005), Magnus Backstedt (2004), or Peter Van Petegem (2003). Backstedt was part of early rumors, so my money's on him.

The New York Times has just published this bombshell: 2 Ex-Teammates of Cycling Star Admit Drug Use along with an article focusing on Andreu in particular, Fears for Sport Made Cyclist Come Clean. Neither Andreu nor the unnamed rider implicate Armstrong directly, though Andreu traces his usage back to their Motorola days and he also says he saw Armstrong sorting little round pills, which Armstrong claims were caffeine.

I'm of mixed minds about Andreu's admission. * update: Andreu clearly takes responsibility for his own actions in his statement today, so it doesn't feel as dishonest anymore.* The article clearly tries to frame him not as a cheater for himself but as a cheater for Lance, as if Andreu had nothing to gain for himself by doping. But Andreu had plenty to gain: a coveted spot on a Tour team and a chance to ride into Paris on the winning team. Now, of course, Andreu has little to lose after being let go from the Toyota-United team, which was surprising given how good that squad was doing its first year out. Regardless, it's a damning admission for the old US Postal squad and I'm sure everyone will wonder now who the unnamed rider is. The 1999 roster was:

  • Lance Armstrong (USA) of course not
  • Frankie Andreu (USA) admitted
  • Pascal Deram´┐Ż (Fra)
  • Tyler Hamilton (USA) unlikely
  • George Hincapie (USA) unlikely
  • Kevin Livingston (USA)
  • Peter Meinert-Nielsen (Den)
  • Christian Vandevelde (USA) racing for CSC
  • Jonathan Vaughters (USA) heading up TIAA-CREF