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Misc notes

  • My aunts, uncles, and dad all grok iPod. My dad e-mailed me for Christmas to ask if I had an "IPOD." I sadly wrote back that I already had two. I think it would be fair to call this as a tipping point condition: people over the age of sixty grokking a piece of technology. I envision Steve Jobs swimming in dollar bills ala Duck Tales after the next quarterly report.
  • Katamari Gingerbread House is leagues above my own efforts at gingerbread house making.
  • Solar vs. Sonar: snortykills' sister has solar panels for her iPod. It gets about 1 hour of playback per hour of charging. He points at that this is not half as niche as the Gameboy Pocket Sonar.
  • Wishlist: one-click software to turn a mini-DVD into a VCD. My sister got a fancy mini-DVD camcorder, but the software I'm finding is either expensive or impossible for her to use.
  • Silicon Dominion my @$$: I have to drive ~10 miles to get free WiFi (at Panera)

Katamari Damacy (Evil Cute III)


honeyfields, ln m, and I teamed up to beat Katamari Damacy (actually, it was honeyfields who did most of the work, we just came in near the end). Unlike Grand Theft Auto, Katamari is family friendly because it makes horrific death and destruction of animals, people, and towns cute.