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Maker Faire - Bikes


Maker Faire features dozens of bike-related exhibits and demonstrations (see last year's entry, "Crazy fun bikes at Maker Faire". I only managed to make it to a small sampling of them today, but I hope to hit up some more tomorrow (e.g. Wooden Bikes).

Nemo Gould/ bike and bike-related sculptures:

Maker Faire - Maker Faire - Maker Faire -

Urban Mover electric bikes:

Maker Faire032 Maker Faire029 Maker Faire033 Maker Faire030

I took the UM24 folding model out for a test ride. I've been denied boarding onto Caltrain more than once due to lack of bike space on the baby bullets, so a 49lb folding electric bike is quite appealing (the battery pack even quickly detaches if you want to distribute the weight more evenly). It was very different from the electric bike I currently own. My model requires you to manually control the throttle to get the power assist. The UM24 also has a throttle, but it also has a speed sensor that takes the bike up to full speed the second you start pedaling. It takes a second or two to get used to this immediate acceleration, but soon you're crusing around the fairgrounds having the time of your life. You can also get a torque sensor instead, which will make the power assist kick in more on the hills but less in the flats.

The model at Maker Faire used NiMH batteries, but the 2007 models are switching to LiON. The 2006 models are forward compatible with this update, but you do need to buy a new battery pack and motor -- probably not worth it until your NiMH battery pack runs out of juice.

Miscellaneous bikes (LED bike and bike merry-go-round):

Maker Faire050 Maker Faire042

Crazy fun bikes at Maker Faire


Maker Faire-10

There were a lot of great bikes at Maker Faire, including a lawnmower bike, LED bikes (one, two), and wooden bikes. My favorite, though, was the Harry Potter boom bike you see above. I wasn't good enough to hold my own on the bike -- the maker made it look so easy.