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2,500 Marvel Comics issues almost online


logo.marvel.jpgMarvel is doing a great service to its fans by releasing 2500 back issues online so readers can catch up on important origin stories and other character development arc. They won't be releasing current content in the same manner, but they will be adding 20 back issues each week to keep you coming back for more. They seem to have hit a snag, however, as the current Web site reads:

Hey, True Believers, the response to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited has been so overwhelming, we're just doing a bit of routine maintenance to make sure you have a great experience! We'll be back shortly. Thank you,

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Spiderman 3 suuuuuucks


I didn't expect it to be as good as the second -- I just wanted it to be as good as the first. But it's just bad. The whole audience bonded together as we struggled to make it through to the end.

House of M


A visit to BookBuyers today made me think of this series again... (spoilers ahead)

Bagley Original Art


I've decided to make my first foray into the world of comic book original art. Here are two of the three pages I got (I don't have a scan of the third, but it is similar to the bench scene here):
ultimate38-16bagley.jpg ultspid32-19bagley.jpg