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Don't F#$! with honeyfields


movie stillJoey arranged a little shooting trip for us, which was a whole lot of fun. I haven't shot since I took the Pistol PE class in college, and I've never been able to shoot that many different firearms. There were a couple shotguns, a .44 magnum, a Desert Eagle, a Glock .40, various .22 revolvers, a Sig P226, and some other guns that I'm not gun-savvy enough to remember. The P226 was the best balance of accuracy/power of the guns I shot, though I thought the Glock .40 felt better because the grip on the P226 was a bit small for my hands. The Desert Eagle and .44 Magnum were pure entertainment.

One of the more entertaining aspects of the evening was watching honeyfields holds guns that grossly outsize her. If you're in need of entertainment, be sure to check out the video of her shooting the shotgun (click on photo above, ~5MB). You can see the range instructor come in and out of frame as he tries to position himself to catch her in case she flies backwards. There's a another clip I have of her after her first shot with the shotgun when the range instructor asks her if she wants to shoot some more and she's holding back this grin. You can e-mail me if you want the URL of that one as well as some other photos.

You can checkout photos of my target in the extended entry. It's not very interesting -- we only got one target so I had to shoot to use the whole target. I aimed at the center, left 7, right 8, top 8, and bottom 8 for the most part. We were rotating guns so we didn't get to adjust the sights, but beyond 20 feet my groupings sucked anyways and I couldn't see where I was hitting on the blue target.