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Norton Internet Security now takes my prize for worst software product, ever. I wasn't going to take the energy to write about this, but #3 below pushed me over the edge.

  1. Annoying renewal messages: This one is very annoying but is sadly par for the course. Presumably, you should be able to decide not to upgrade but continue using the old virus protection, right? But Norton penalizes you by popping up a renewal warning in the middle of the screen. You can choose to not see it again 15 days, but you can't say "never show this to me again." I could be misremembering, but I think for the first 30 days you could only choose to ignore it for 1 day.

  2. toolbar icon: Sometime after deciding that popup renewal messages weren't enough, Norton gave me the flashing toolbar icon of death. It's literally a flashing exclamation point on my toolbar tray. I thought I had a clever workaround -- I opened up my Windows preferences and set the icon to 'Always Hide'. But when I rebooted, it came back, it always comes back. I couldn't stand it always there flashing, and I couldn't give such an annoying software maker money, so I decided to uninstall.

  3. When you go to uninstall Norton Internet Security, it tells you that you have to login using the 'Supervisor' account, otherwise it won't let you uninstall. The login screen mocks you with an implicit message of, "You will never, ever get rid of my annoying messages unless you can guess the secret password." Let's be clear: I've never seen this 'Supervisor' account login before and it's not the same thing as your Windows administrator account. This is something that Norton cooks up as a final perverse twist. But I finally emerged victorious: I just had to leave the password blank.

Honestly, who says to themselves, "Gee, I really want to renew this annoying piece of software?" It is only through abject surrender I could imagine handing these idiots my money.