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Some more photos in print



I'm thankful that Road Bike Action picked up some more photos of mine: a two-page rear spread ("Last Shot") and three in-article photos. I feel like I've accomplished impossibly many cycling and photography dreams this year and it all started with RBA. To get another welcome surprise from them is a wonderful close to the season.

Now I get to chart some new goals for 2008, which feels ridiculous because my 2007 goal was to get a media pass. My modest goal is to shoot one US Tour from start to finish, which I've never done. My medium goal is to shoot two US Tours start to finish, and my impossible goal is to shoot a stage from the back of a motorcycle. We'll see how I do 365 days from now. Today I went to the route announcement for the 2008 Tour of California prologue, so I'm already getting excited.

Good news (for me)


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I just got confirmation that one of my Levi photos from the Tour of California will be on the cover of Road Bike Action issue 2. I also got several photos inside, including the Table of Contents. I don't know when the issue is coming out but I do know that it has gone to press.

With absolutely no conflict of interest, whatsoever, I encourage you all to become Road Bike Action subscribers (only $9.99).