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Review: Jamis Sputnik



My Jamis Sputnik review is up on RoadBikeReview. Head on over there and lemme know what you think!

Some more Sea Otter Classic booth videos from RoadbikeReview:

Interbike Booths


Interbike boothsI was pretty busy at Interbike shooting booths for MTBR and RoadbikeReview. Appointments to start shooting booths started at around 9am and I usually didn't finish shooting until about 5pm, with half an hour for lunch. Then I'd take an hour break to unload photos off my camera, swap batteries, hopefully get some food, and shoot the evening races. I'd finally get back after 11pm and process photos until 3am. Good times. If I struggled in conversation with you at Interbike it was the sleep deprivation. Really.

I shot Look, Michelin, Hayes, Ibis, Kona, BH, Crank Brothers, Fox Racing Shox, FSA, Raleigh, Park, RASE, and WTB. I also shot Ritchey and Pivot, which will be open soon. I was understudy to Photo-John, who warned me it would be difficult, but I didn't fully appreciate it until I hit the convention floor. Instead of trying to be creative, it was me and my strobes versus the evil lighting. I got to meet a lot of nice industry reps, though, and I always enjoy learning by drinking from the firehose.

Storck Absolutist 0.9 Review


Storck ReviewMy review is up on RoadbikeReview, please check it out and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your critiques as one of the things I struggled on was how to find the right voice with the review -- i.e. the right balance between marketing info, personal anecdotes, attempted humor, and critique.

And yes, as the review reveals, I did crash the bike (lack of attention), though as you can tell from the video at the end that the damage wasn't too bad. I didn't really want to do a video, but I liked the video for the Campy Super Record so much that I thought it would be a bit hypocritical to not do one myself. I also became enamored with the idea of using my Park stand to rotate the bike around during the video -- I know it sounds silly, but it's like the stand was made so you could easily spin the bike around for shooting a video :).

I'm sad to see the bike go, even if my garage is a bit crowded. We're going up OLH today for our work lunch ride and I could really use all the assistance I can get.

Storck Absolutist 0.9 Review on

Yeah, Thien!


roadbikereview_logo.jpgFrom Bicycle Newswire:

...Since his hiring, Mr. Dinh has made an immediate impact on the site, which has expanded its offerings to include editorial product reviews, expanded race coverage, and cycling videos.

...Also, as a direct result of the hiring of a dedicated site manager for RoadBikeReview, traffic has more than doubled in the last six months. Cebedo continues, "The monthly traffic of RoadBikeReview has increased from 180,000 users to over 400,000 from January to July.

Fritz of Cyclelicious introduced me to Thien back when he had just been hired as RBR site manager. Since then the site's really grown leaps and bounds -- I really like how they're starting to introduce video reviews, like the Campy Super Record review I linked to last week. Even as a photographer I have to appreciate the additional insight that a video can provide.

Oh yeah (bias disclosure), and I just got my first review bike for RBR last night. It's a Storck Absolutist 0.9. My poor Look 585 is jealous. It's frantically looking around for ways to drop down to the 14.8lbs of the Storck, but it's alright -- I think my Look is still prettier.

$20 Patch Kit


Thien's tire got slashed by a piece of glass on our post-work ride today. This gave me a chance to spy his $20 patch kit, which is one of the easiest to use that I've seen. I thought I'd share.

Step 1: Prepare the patch kit by folding it twice over

$20 patch kit

Step 2: Locate the gash in the tire

$20 patch kit

Step 3: Insert patch kit between tube and tire

$20 patch kit

I plan on undercutting him by offering a $1 kit -- $2 for double strength.

You can learn plenty more expert tips like this by participating in the Peninsula group rides.

Bike Built!



My Look 585 is built, with all credit to Francois/Francis and Thien of MTBR/RoadBikeReview, who soldiered through a long Friday night to make sure I looked pretty on Sunday's group ride. I've posted a photo below that makes it look like I actually did a lot of the wrenching, but, truth be told, I probably spent more time cleaning up my spilled beer. Thanks also goes to Sports Basement, which is rescued us from having to abort when we discovered that the threads on the bottom bracket needed to be chased.

IMG_5160 IMG_5167

My contributions: I attached the rear brake, right shifter, put ceramic bearings in the wheels, ran and cut some cabling, and did half of the bar tape. A pretty sorry total given the amount of effort that goes into a bike. I got to learn a lot from watching Francis handle a lot of the difficult wrenching, and Thien showed me the proper bike nerd details that one is supposed to pay attention to, such as cutting the rear brake housing so that the Dura Ace logo shows and lining up the tire logo with the valve stem. With ownership of an awesome bike comes great responsibility.

Build list:

  • Frame: Look 585 Origin
  • Group: Dura Ace shifters and derailleurs, Ultegra SL crank/brakes/cassette
  • Seatpost: something heavy scavenged from my old bike
  • Seat: Specialized Gel Toupe, also scavenged from my other bike
  • Wheels: Neuvation M28 Aero2 with Enduro ceramic bearings
  • Cockpit: Ritchey Pro stem and handlebar
  • Tires: Michelin Pro Race 3

This build is not 'final': based on the Ritchey booth at Sea Otter, I'm now eyeing their new Wet White finish for the WCS 4-Axis steam and WCS Logic II road bars. It currently has a Ritchey Pro cockpit and I scavenged a seatpost and saddle are from my old bike. The seatpost is especially heavy and is one of the reasons that the build topped out at 17.15 lbs instead of the planned 16.5 lbs. The frame also came in 0.33 lbs over, possibly due to the white paint. It should be in the 16 lbs range when I'm finally done.

IMG_5172 IMG_5171


All the parts on this build were selected by doing research in the RoadBikeReview forums and the wrenching was done by Francois and Thien, so I can truly say, "This bike build powered by the good folks of:"

Flying the RBR colors


Photo by francois

The RoadBikeReview group ride has the right balance of laid back + occasional opportunity for competition that I enjoy. This morning's ride was the first time for me flying the RoadBikeReview kit on a ride. It's possibly also the farewell ride for my Specialized Allez -- I'm hoping to get a Look 585 this week, which will force old Yellow into permanent commuter bike status.