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SF Chronicle on Health Net support team


An SF Chronicle followed the Health Net mechanics during Tuesday's stage. It's a nice perspective on the race, though the writer seems interested in making the Health Net riders sound like a bunch of whiners:

With half an hour to go before the day's start, cyclist Ryder Hesjedal complained to Legan that his brakes seemed too "grabby," and the mechanic replaced the yellow brake pads with a pair of red ones.

There was nothing really wrong with the yellow pads, Legan said quietly, and he slipped them into his pocket for the next time a rider complained about brakes that didn't really need fixing.

"If they think the new pads are going to make them ride better, then they will," Legan said. "I'm here to install confidence, along with everything else."

Another rider said his seat was one-sixteenth of an inch too high, even though it was the same height it was the day before. And another rider said his handlebars were just the tiniest bit crooked, even though they weren't. Legan and his hex wrenches took care of both crises.

SF Chronicle: Support team keeps wheels turning in bike race

Barclays SF Grand Prix 2005


Al, Jill, d and I went to the Barclays San Francisco Grand Prix on Sunday. There was no Armstrong this year due to retirement, but there were plenty of big names to go and watch: Basso, Hincapie, Leipheimer, Horner, and Zabriskie. Zabriskie only did a couple of laps due to prior injury to his right hand and Basso dropped out as well, but the rest raced strong.

The race was dominated by Team Discovery, which sent Michael Creed on an early breakaway as a carrot for the other riders to chase. Creed stayed away for nearly 50 miles before being caught by a breakaway that included his teammates Jason McCartney and Ryder Hesjedal, along with HealthNet's John Lieswyn. Hesjedal and Creed couldn't hold on and it was McCartney and Lieswyn that looked in control of the race. They were caught on the final lap by Gerolsteiner's Fabian Wegmann, who had tag-teammed with his teammate Andrea Molette to catch the lead pair. Wegmann had better sprinting legs and became the first non-North American to win the race.

Finishing Sprint

If you want more of a summary, I suggest reading the VeloNews article.

For all intents and purposes I had an all-access pass to this year's race. The security guards seemed not to notice me sneaking past them, though I had help from Al and Jill who had tickets into the VIP section. They fed me food from the VIP tents and we shook hands with OLN commentator Bob Roll. d and I both managed to sneak into the grandstands to watch the finishing sprint (Al scouted out the position of the guards) and then we jumped into the photographers-only area in front of the podium for the prize presentation. We then went over to the CSC tent and managed to get autographs from Dave Zabriskie, Ivan Basso, and Bjarne Riis. Al had found a wristband on the ground and decided that sending in Jill was the best strategy, which turned out beautfully. Their CSC hat has got a bunch of great signatures on it and my backpack has a left-handed Dave Zabriskie signature (his right hand is injured), which is charming in its own way.

autograph autograph hat

(note: I didn't have any photos of Basso to get autographed so I printed this one taken by Flickr user wuertele)

Partial photo listing (full photoset). d should also have photos of the event, which will hopefully be posted as well: