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San Francisco Twilight 2009 Cancelled


SF Twilight20080912_4332-1

This sucks, what else is there to say: San Francisco Twilight Criterium canceled for 2009 (via podiuminsight)

SF Twilight Links


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Stephanie's writeups on RoadbikeReview:

SF Twilight: Men's Race


SF Twilight20080912_4332-1

The men's race was too chaotic for me to even begin to narrate, so here's a jumble of photos that you can attempt to sort out. There was a whole lotta Team Successful Living and Time Pro duking it out, breaks going away and quickly reeled in, and then Daniel Ramsey off the front in a two-man break with two laps to go. All of us who saw Ramsey trounce the field at Sea Otter had a feeling it was game over at this point.

Adam Switters took a gentle ride into the hay bales right in front of me -- turn 2 was a bit messy. He crashed too close for the lens I was using, so all I can offer is this:

Switters takes a dive into the hay bales

... Switters was soon back in the mix:

Switters bridges SF Twilight20080912_4355-1

I've been studying Mark Johnson's reels for some time now, so the over-the-shoulder, 16mm wide-angle shots were me starting to put together the pieces of the puzzle. Mark had some great photos from the Interbike crit, so I've been practicing in anticipation of shooting it this year. Mark used two flashes: one to light the rider (possibly snooted) and the other to light the ground. I stuck with one flash, but set it to 70mm zoom to spotlight the rider in the center and create some interesting flash-shadow artifacts.

SF Twilight20080912_4459 SF Twilight20080912_4348-1 SF Twilight20080912_4470 SF Twilight20080912_4366-1 SF Twilight20080912_4445-1 SF Twilight20080912_4377-1 SF Twilight20080912_4426-1 SF Twilight20080912_4412-1

SF Twilight20080912_4482

SF Twilight: Women's Race


Not feelin' like prose tonight, so lets recap in photos.

Vanderkitten SF Twilight20080913_4633

Race starts as the sun starts to set.

Vanderkitten SF Twilight20080912_4369 SF Twilight20080912_4352

Kat Carroll goes with a break and jumps free.

Kat Carroll Breaks Free

Kat Carroll collects a lot of laps while Christine Thorburn, Shelley Olds, Laura Van Gilder, and Chrissy Ruiter chase.

Kat Carroll SF Twilight20080912_4278-1 Shelley Olds SF Twilight20080912_4263-1

SF Twilight20080912_4293-1 Vanderkitten SF Twilight20080912_4286-1

Kat Carroll is reeled in and soon the whole field comes back together.

Kat Caught SF Twilight20080912_4303-1

Somehow Shelley Olds still finds the legs to follow the attacks on the uphill before the finish and take the sprint.

Shelley Olds Wins SF Twilight

And my flash fails to recycle fast enough, so you'll have to make do with these better lit shots.

Shelley Olds SF Twilight20080912_4323-1 Shelley Olds SF Twilight20080912_4263 Shelley Olds SF Twilight20080912_4508

Giro di San Francisco 2008 Photos




Brooke Miller, national champion twice over. Christine Thorburn, 2-time Olympian training for her farewell ride at World's. And many more. It was a great field at the Giro di San Francisco today. It's been too long since I've shot a race, so it was a great course and great field to shake off the rust.

Giro di San Francisco 2008 Photos

Prologue Videos


Just in case Versus didn't give you enough coverage, I've posted some videos from the finishing stretch of various riders: Julich, Hincapie, Hushovd, Rogers, Fast Freddie.

NOTE: Video shot by offtopicartistan, with the camera on loan from parakkum. I apologize for my CSC hat blocking the video from time to time.

Levi videos from the Prologue


ota shot video while I shot photos. Its a great improvement over last year's efforts and I thank both ota and parakkum (owner of the video camera) for the help. The best videos are probably the interview videos if you're looking for something that you didn't catch on Versus.

FYI: YouTube is being a pain and also mucks up cycling videos. I had to re-upload everything this morning to Google Video (thumbs down YouTube for cycling)

Levi Wins:

Levi Post-Race (talks about Prologue strategy; shots of Levi towards the end):

Levi Jersey Presentation:

Levi Podium Interview:

Prologue: Bettini's day


Paolo Bettini clearly wasn't having a good day yesterday and it's probably fair to say that he won't be a competitor in the Tour of California -- he's currently in 122nd place (out of 144) at 42 seconds back. What was striking for me was how looked better in warmup than the actual race:

Paolo Bettini Paolo Bettini

Bettini pretty much crawled past us in comparison to the other riders:

(video credits: offtopicartisan, thanks parakkum for the loaning the camera)

Levi Leipheimer - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley

Jason Donald - (c) Ken ConleyThose of us who were there last year should have expected the finale to today's opener, but it still surprised the hell out of us. Virtually unknown Jason Donald set the fastest time as the seventh rider out. No one thought that their times would hold, but big rider after big rider came in much slower: Hincapie, Zabriskie, Julich, Danielson. I was sure that Danielson would post a better time after the six-or-so practice runs he did up to the top, but he came in about 10 seconds slower. Of the big names, Cancellara was the closest at 5 seconds back, but that still left the top three as Jason Donald, Ben Jacques-Maynes, and Rory Sutherland. We literally watched over a hundred riders attempt and fail to beat Donald's time. It seemed to us that the winds had probably changed direction to make it harder for the bigger riders that started later.

So with Levi the only rider left to finish, ota asked me whether or not Levi stood a chance -- I said, "no way, the course is too hard now."

Then everyone waited. We were listening for the sounds of the thundersticks and cowbells and general yelling that would herald Levi's arrival. We also watched the clock tick up past four minutes. If there wasn't cheering soon, there would be no chance.

Levi came screaming around the final bend. The crowd was never louder until it exploded as Levi froze the clock at 4:48.86 (officially 4:49:06) -- a second and a half better than Jason Donald.

Finishing Time

Levi's secret to success: Hincapie radioed back to tell him to change out of the big chainring sooner on the final climb -- Levi flew up the steep stretch in the easier gear. Levi's other secret (other than being Levi): no one wants to wear that jersey into Santa Rosa more than him.

Levi Leipheimer

It was still a big day for Slipstream/Chipotle even without the stage win. Jason Donald kept the team part of the coverage from nearly start to finish and also earned him a podium spot for the sprinter's jersey. Taylor Tollesen snagged them another podium spot by getting the best young rider jersey. Slipstream was also in our mind because ota and I spent the day standing next to Slipstream rider Steven Cozza's family. It's great to know that a team that is making waves with its anti-doping platform can hold the stage with race success as well.

Dave Zabriskie - (c) Ken Conley Stuart O'Grady - (c) Ken Conley Jen Voigt Danielson Bobby Julich Fabian Cancellara Michael Rogers Chris Horner Viktar Rapinkski Giovanni Visconti Michael Barry IMG_0138 IMG_0119 IMG_0110 Taylor Tolleson

kwc photosets:

Coverage elsewhere:

Floyd in SF Sunday


Landis Approaching the Finish Line-1Floyd Landis will be at Jillians in SF on Sunday, coinciding with the start of the Tour of California. He's there to raise money/awareness for the Floyd Fairness Fund, and tickets prices are $35. I would like to go, hear his defense in his own words, and have the chance to take some photos of the event, but I have qualms about ponying up $35.

My opinion of the Landis case thus far has been that Floyd is right in that athletes deserve a better testing process and that Dick Pound has made a mockery of fairness in testing. However, believing that the testing process is substandard does not mean that I believe Floyd is clean, it just means that I have doubts.

amgen.tour.2007.route.gifThe route for the 2007 Amgen Tour of California has been released. It shares similar elements from the 2006 event, such as the Coit Tower prologue, stage finish in Santa Rosa, and a stage 3 climb up Sierra Road with finish in front of San Jose City Hall. Other details are quite notably different. The time trial has been shifted from stage 3 to stage 5, most likely due to the decisiveness of the stage last year. As a result, the TT will occur in Solvang, so us Bay Area folk will have a bit more of a trip than last year's San Jose doubleheader. There are still no mountaintop finishes, which means that the TT will probably maintain its decisive role.

Summary of changes: * Prologue and Stage 1: appear to be identical * Stage 2: Added new stage between Santa Rosa and Sacramento. Last year stage 2 started in Concord and featured the Sierra Road climb * Stage 3: Sierra Road climb shifted to this stage, with stage start in Stockton instead of Concord. Time trial moved to stage 5. * Stage 4: Appears to be identical to previous Seaside/San Luis Obispo route. * Stage 5: New time trial in Solvang. Still mostly flat. * Stage 6: Instead of 4 KOM climbs from Santa Barbara to Thousand Oaks, it is now 4 KOM climbs to Santa Clarita. * Stage 7: Conclusion now in Long Beach instead of in Redondo Beach

Amgen Route Announcement and Details

Levi at Lombardi Sports in SF


Levi feels no painupdate: oops, forgot to include link to more details

Lombardi Sports in SF is hosting a "special evening" with Levi Leipheimer. Event is limited to 50 people, and I don't know if they have already run out of spots. It should be a good chance for those who attend to figure out who is going to be passing water bottles to whom on Team Disco.

Event Details (thanks erik )

One final note from the prologue


I love my photo printer. Printing my own photos is fun, but what is also fun is downloading hi-res press photos and getting them autographed at events. After today's prologue, I wandered to the top of the hill and managed to stand right where Levi Leipheimer decided he was going to walk. The result:

Leipheimer autograph

I just need to work on the sharpie. I've used similar techniques with a Flickr photo to get Ivan Basso's autograph and my own photo photo to get Dave Zabriskie's autograph.

Tour of California: San Francisco Prologue


Levi Leipheimer Tour of California Levi Leipheimer Post-Race Tour of California

Coit TowerThe prologue was so much fun to watch. We got a great spot on the final bend going to the finish line and go to see all of the pros warming up. Jackson Stewart's opening time of 5'38" made us wonder how long it would be before the magical five-minute-barrier would be broken. Discovery's Old Man Ekimov was the first to really start pushing the barrier by setting a time of 5'14" for the rest of his teammates to follow. Ekimov's time didn't last very long, but it was Tour-de-France-Prologue-Winner Fabian Cancellara who really set the next standard with an impressive 5'03". Discovery's Jason McCartney quickly followed up with a slightly slower 5'03" and it seemed that the five-minute barrier could be breached at any moment.

Ekimov 2 Jason McCartney

We had to wait quite a bit of time. It seemed that the major teams sent some of their fast men (Ekimov, Cancellara) early to set a good pace for the rest of the team, but the middle part of the race was filled with 5'10"s. The most exciting event of the middle part was when Olivier Kaisen came around the bend. The riders started at one minute intervals and every time a rider approached the crowd would begin to cheer. You could use the gap between cheers to estimate how fast a rider had gone through the course. As Kaisen started to pass, a second, louder cheer started coming from just around the bend. Discovery's young hope Tom Danielson came zooming around the corner and passed Kaisen at the finish line:

Tom Danielson Danielson's Pass-2 Danielson's Pass-3 Danielson's Pass-4 Danielson's Pass-5

We settled back down again for awhile until we heard the news that Bobby Julich was on the course. The roar from around the bend as Julich approached was awesome and his time earned every bit of it: 4'58.19. I keep telling myself that my Bobby J and Cancellara photos are so blurry because they were so much faster.

Bobby Julich

The final part of the race was big rider after big rider also trying to break the five-minute barrier and Julich's time. Giro di Italia champion Paolo Savoldelli (5'04.83), Floyd Landis (4'59.55), Dave Zabriskie (5'02), Cadel Evans (5'05), George Hincapie (4'59.11). (update: in the prologue video, you can see Zabriskie having shifting problems at the start of the Coit Tower ascent, which certainly cost him valuable time).

Paolo Savoldelli Floyd Landis Cadel Evans George Hincapie

Al and I started talking at this point after watching big name after big name fail to beat Julich's time. Simoni, Leipheimer, and Rogers were the only big riders left of note. I put my money on Levi as the only rider left that could beat Bobby J's, but I didn't really believe it.

Leipheimer Climbs to the FinishEven with big name after big name, the crowd roar for Levi can be called huge. Leipheimer came flying up the final leg (video), so much faster than we had seen anyone else finish. His final time of 4'53.43 clobbered everyone else's efforts, and neither Simoni nor Rogers were even close.

Stage links: * VeloNews Prologue Summary * Prologue Results * Graham Watson Prologue photos * Levi Leipheimer Prologue journal * Grassy Knoll Project Prologue Media

Photo sets: * Main contenders: Leipheimer, Landis, Savoldelli, Zabriskie, Julich, Hincapie, Horner, Voigt, Danielson, O'Grady, Evans, Simoni, and more. There's also a sequence of Tom Danielson passing the rider that started a minute in front of him. * Big riders warming up: Photos of Leipheimer, Landis, Savoldelli, Hincapie, Ekimov, Horner, and others testing the final climb to Coit Tower * More riders: Photos of Tony Cruz, Michael Barry, Nicolas Jalabert, Saul Raisin, Fabian Wegmann, Robbie Hunter, Christian Vande Velde, and more * Even more riders: Photos of riders I couldn't identify as I don't have the starting order for the prologue (anyone happen to have a copy?).

Stage profile (from official Amgen Tour of California site):

prologue profile

Barclays SF Grand Prix 2005


Al, Jill, d and I went to the Barclays San Francisco Grand Prix on Sunday. There was no Armstrong this year due to retirement, but there were plenty of big names to go and watch: Basso, Hincapie, Leipheimer, Horner, and Zabriskie. Zabriskie only did a couple of laps due to prior injury to his right hand and Basso dropped out as well, but the rest raced strong.

The race was dominated by Team Discovery, which sent Michael Creed on an early breakaway as a carrot for the other riders to chase. Creed stayed away for nearly 50 miles before being caught by a breakaway that included his teammates Jason McCartney and Ryder Hesjedal, along with HealthNet's John Lieswyn. Hesjedal and Creed couldn't hold on and it was McCartney and Lieswyn that looked in control of the race. They were caught on the final lap by Gerolsteiner's Fabian Wegmann, who had tag-teammed with his teammate Andrea Molette to catch the lead pair. Wegmann had better sprinting legs and became the first non-North American to win the race.

Finishing Sprint

If you want more of a summary, I suggest reading the VeloNews article.

For all intents and purposes I had an all-access pass to this year's race. The security guards seemed not to notice me sneaking past them, though I had help from Al and Jill who had tickets into the VIP section. They fed me food from the VIP tents and we shook hands with OLN commentator Bob Roll. d and I both managed to sneak into the grandstands to watch the finishing sprint (Al scouted out the position of the guards) and then we jumped into the photographers-only area in front of the podium for the prize presentation. We then went over to the CSC tent and managed to get autographs from Dave Zabriskie, Ivan Basso, and Bjarne Riis. Al had found a wristband on the ground and decided that sending in Jill was the best strategy, which turned out beautfully. Their CSC hat has got a bunch of great signatures on it and my backpack has a left-handed Dave Zabriskie signature (his right hand is injured), which is charming in its own way.

autograph autograph hat

(note: I didn't have any photos of Basso to get autographed so I printed this one taken by Flickr user wuertele)

Partial photo listing (full photoset). d should also have photos of the event, which will hopefully be posted as well: