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F- You Slashdot!


Not really, but I do wish there was some content flag you could set that says, "if you are going to traffic-bomb my site, you have permission to mirror the content elsewhere."

I've been constantly restarting my server this morning trying to get some life out of it, but the fact is, I shouldn't be running Apache on Windows. The Windows Apache response to extra traffic is generally to lockup for a small period of time. If that extra traffic keeps coming in, the server gets knocked to the mat again repeatedly. I probably shouldn't be running over a DSL connection either, but I've actually been nowhere close to saturating the link: Windows Apache is the weakest link.

I know this is a bad setup, but its a whole lot cheaper than setting up an extra Linux box or paying a hosting company. Regardless, I am now looking into hosting providers. Dreamhost used to be a good one, but recent reviews seem uniform in saying that "Dreamhost used to be great until last summer." I shall investigate more, but the goal is to spend no more than $15/month.

BoingBoing'd: unimpressed


I got a lot of traffic yesterday (to cooling a six-pack) from BoingBoing and it wasn't nearly as much as I thought it would be. It was secondary traffic, mind you, in one of the "Update" link sets, but it only generated about another 1,000 visitors to the site, which didn't even double my traffic. A third-order Slashdotting -- getting a link from the Slashdot comments section -- is just as effective.

Update: hmm, maybe I'll have to retract my "unimpressed." According to Feedburner, my subscriptions to MythBusters went from 17 to 85. 66 of subscribers are listed as Firefox Live Bookmarks, which seems odd to me, so I'll have to see if that one holds up.