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Vande Velde's take on the crash


A humorous diary from Vande Velde:

Fabian went over the top like Walter Payton into the end zone, landing his big 86-kilo Swiss cheese ass on top of all of those tiny little men. The Swiss bear was down but not out, he came back to dinner, loud as ever, turning on Shakira full blast during dinner. And to make it worse, he tries to sing along.


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  • Discovery: "Caught in the peloton spill at 3K remaining in Monday's stage, George Hincapie sustained a slight right-knee contusion & will start Tuesday. Tomas Vaitkus suffered unstable fractures of the right thumb, which will require surgery including a plate. Vaitkus will undergo surgery this evening and will not start TDF Stage 3. All other DC riders OK. More news as available." Hincapie's brother adds, "George was right in the middle of it and could not avoid the pavement at first he thought he broke his kneecap having landed right on it but it turned out to be badly bruised with some abrasions. He is icing it tonight as there is still 3 weeks to go with very little rest. This will make for an uncomfortable few days but he should be ok."
  • T-Mobile: "[Cavendish] was in the middle of it alright. Luckily the crash was not as bad as it looked. Mark has suffered bruising to his left knee and heel which took the brunt of the crash. There is also bruising elsewhere but he should be OK... was a relief to finish the stage without any serious injuries."
  • CSC: Cancellara is okay, as evidenced by his post-race interview video. Schleck's elbow is sore from his separate crash.
  • Lampre: CyclingNews reports Bennati was in the crash, but no update on his injuries
  • Credit Agricole: Thor Hushovd got caught in the crash, but blood and bruises are par for the course for the Thunder rider.
  • Lotto: VeloNews: Fast Freddie's status still uncertain. Horner: "...two guys from my team too - Leif [Hoste] and Freddy Rodriguez both crashed. Luckily I was pretty far back so I wasn't involved." McEwen's knee is bothering him from the stage 1 crash.

Steegmans wins - DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP/Getty Images

Cancellara - DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP/Getty Images

Photos by DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP/Getty Images

An ugly stage but good one for Quick Step as they went one-two in the sprint. Boonen didn't come around his own leadout man Gert Steegmans for the race finish, but he had no real reason to: they outsprinted the rest of the pack by several bike lengths.

The big story of this stage was a major pileup that occurred just before the finish. Only about 20 riders made it through as the crash covered the whole width of the road. Erik Zabel clipped out, which caused him to sweep hard right near the front of the peloton and take out a Liquigas rider. The riders pinballed left and right, crashing into barriers on both sides. Cancellara came in holding his arm as did Vaitkus (Discovery) and Fast Freddie (Lotto). Hincapie appears shaken from this photo as well. The injury reports won't be pretty after this one. Vino gave a little prayer as he crossed the finish line, probably to give thanks for making it uninjured.

Fast Freddie - DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP/Getty Images Vaitkus - DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP/Getty Images

photos by DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP/Getty Images

The stage had been fairly sleepy up until that point. Marcel Sieberg (Milram), Ruben Perez (Euskaltel), and Cedric Herve (Agritubel) went in a break at 18k and lasted until 3k to go. There was a bit of infighting over the intermediate sprints as Sieberg was unhappy with Herve trying to take more than one prize, but, with the exception of a minor crash by Frank Schleck, there was little drama until the big pileup at the end.

Stage 2: Obernai - Esch-sur-Alzette


McEwen took the stage win as the field frantically tried to catch a late breakaway by T-Mobile rider Mattias Kessler. There was a crash in the peloton with 2km to go that threw things in the field into chaos and it seemed that Kessler would be able to hold them off, but with 250m to go the field finally caught him and Robbie McEwen charged up through to take the win.

Thor Hushovd should be very happy even though he lost the sprint and pulled his foot out of his pedal in the process -- the time bonuses he picked up earlier in the day were more than enough to take the yellow jersey back from Hincapie. Hincapie did his best to stay up front on the wheels of the sprinters, but either he didn't have the legs to compete with the sprint specialists or he was choosing wisely not to get so involved in such risky business. It's probably the latter, especially with the many sprint stages left before the first time trial.

The long break on the day was by Hernandez and de la Fuente, who fought back and forth at the various KOM points along the route. Hernandez eventually cracked, which left de la Fuente in the position to take the KOM jersey away from Fabian Wegmann. Wegmann bridged up to De la Fuente at the end to take back some points, but de la Fuente racked up enough points to stay two points ahead of Wegmann.

The coming sprint stages should be very interesting with Hushovd in first, Boonen in second, and McEwen in third. There's a lot of incentive to take every little time bonus; Boonen will be racing to get that yellow jersey by the time the route hits Belgium and McEwen may be wanting another yellow to go with his greens.

Prediction check: * Prediction: Boonen first, McEwen second * Result: McEwen first, Boonen second