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Watching USC clobber Stanford 42-0


USC slipped to #9 last week after their loss to Oregon State. This ruined their undefeated record and has all but dashed their hopes of a national championship. Having watched them all season, it was bound to happen; they haven't been in national championship form all season (some still are trying to conceive of national-championship scenarios for USC). But that doesn't mean it wasn't nice to know that they would next face Stanford. What better team to lift one's spirits than the 0-8 Cardinal. Navy clobbered Stanford this season. I've watched Navy football my whole life, but I had never seen them roll over a team like they did Stanford. If Stanford can make Navy look like national champions... Stanford is also a great opponent because you can walk into their stadium with a "Beat Stanford" pin and be in the majority. I gave away a ticket to a group of Stanford fans who thanked me by saying that they were happy to help improve our national championship hopes.

My parents were in town for the USC vs. Stanford game and we had a great time. Our seats were front row on the goal line: I enjoyed seeing QB Mark Sanchez's dive for his first college touchdown for USC; my mom enjoyed the baton twirlers, marching band, and cheerleaders. My parents also got some education in USC marching band songs -- the V-for-victory hand sign, "U... C... L... A... sucks". I especially liked the addition of "Snakes on a Plane" to their usual playlist.

Stanford didn't stand a chance. Three second-quarter TDs put USC up 28-0 at half. Hoping to at least put at least 3 points on the board, Stanford managed to drive within field goal range in the 3rd quarter. Instead of erasing the shutout, USC blocked the field goal and ran it back for a touchdown. It was a well-coached block: after Sedrick Ellis blocked the kick, Terrell Thomas ran over to pickup the ball while the rest of the team was already running down field to setup blocks; Thomas was able to run behind a sea of USC players all the way for the TD.

USC 42, Stanford 0

Navy beats Stanford


It was fun watching crush Stanford at the grand opening of the brand new Stanford Stadium. From the way the event was run (right down to the final score) you would think it was the opening of a new Navy stadium. The Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band and its Dollies were on suspension for sledgehammering and spray painting the Band Shak, so the Stanford side of the football field was oddly... professional, as there was just the Stanford cheerleaders performing. The entertainment for the game -- both off the field and on the field -- had to be provided by Navy instead. The game started off with people parachuting in and F-18s flying over, Navy beat up Stanford in the first half, the half-time show was performed by the Navy Drum and Bugle Corp, the F-18 pilots were given a large round of applause during at the end of the halftime show, and the Navy continued their trouncing of Stanford in the second half of the game.

Some other observations: * Be careful what you hand out in the stadium. We had cards taped to our seat that we were supposed to hold up at half-time to make an American flag. Most people obliged there, but as the Stanford football team continued to provide misery to its fans, the fans resorted to making paper airplanes out of the cards. I moved down to the lower deck for the second half and there was a constant stream of paper airplanes hitting the empty chairs around me or landing on the field itself. * The new stadium reminds me a bit of PacBell Park (or whatever its called now). The main concourse has good sightlines to the action on the field and there are new HP LCD monitors showing the game, though the picture on the HP monitors makes them look like crappy products. There's even a flat area at one end of the stadium with grass and arches where kids can run around. It is impressive what they did in such a short period of time. To prove they really did rebuild the entire stadium in 8 months from scratch, they showed a time-lapse film of the old stadium being carved down to dirt and then reborn. * The F-18 pilots were rock stars. This was odd for me, having spent so much time on Navy bases and never seen that sort of treatment. There were standing ovations where-ever the pilots walked and kids rushed up to the barriers to get autographs.

Phew, USC beats Stanford

USC 10  7  7  7 31
STA 7 21 0 0 28


I love going to USC games. I haven't been to any home games, but their games at Stanford are great events. There are enough USC fans that it seems like a home game, and the USC marching band does performances both before and after the game to keep the USC fans entertained. You also have to like a team where even the head coach is playing catch during warm-up, and the football players come over the USC section to salute them.

Last time I saw USC play Stanford in person, USC stomped the Cardinal 49-17 (2002), and given that today's line was 22 points, I was expecting a similar experience as two years ago. Man was I wrong.

USC went up early, but Stanford picked away at the lead with a pass attack and good punt returns. USC also made its share of mistakes, including allowing an 82 yard touchdown on the final play of the first half on a run where Stanford was just trying to run out the clock. Even when USC forced fumbles, Stanford seemed to recovered (3-0). As the game went into halftime I was shocked to see Stanford up 28-17.

The second half was a different story. Reggie Bush seemed to wake up -- his punt returns looked like someone was hitting the spin button on Madden and his running game went from backwards to 5+ yards/carry. USC scored two touchdowns in the second half and could have scored three (they ran the clock out), and their offense gained control over the game.

It helped that Buddy Teevens seemed eager to coach Stanford out of the game. Despite having no evidence of a running game in the first half, Stanford kept going to the running game in a failed attempt to run some time off the clock. If he had stuck with the successful passing game, who knows, but instead Stanford kept going three and out, which gave USC plenty of time and opportunity to catch up.