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    <h2><span class="stage-span"><a href="/race/tdf2008/stage6/">Stage 6</a></span></h2>

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letour.jpgRicco and his teammates had confidence that today could be his day, and despite all brashness we should have listened. Valverde and Evans followed a second behind, but it was the Cobra's day and a well-earned victory for Saunier Duval. Behind them was race carnage as race leader Stefan Schumacher crashed in the final kilometer.

Stefan Schumacher's misfortune was Kim Kirchen's gain -- in fact, it was an accidental touch of Kirchen's rear wheel that caused the crash. Kirchen stayed close enough to Evans with a fifth-place finish (0:04 back) to take the yellow jersey. He also regained his green jersey lead from Thor Hushovd.

Several teams launched efforts at the start of the final climb but strong tempo riding from Caisse d'Epargne kept them in check. Garmin-Chipotle's Vandevelde launched an attack with Saunier Duval's Piepoli that got a good gap, but they lost time on the false flat before the final 1.5k steep slope and were quickly swallowed up and as soon as the road start going back up. Vandevelde's efforts leapfrogged him into 4th place on GC, while teammate David Millar fell to fifth.

Chavanel continued his efforts off the front, this time netting himself a KOM jersey by virtue of a tie-breaker over Tommy Voeckler.

Super-Besse Prediction


letour.jpgMy wishy-washy early predictions did alright. Now that we have a more proper stage tomorrow, it's time for another prediction: David Millar in yellow.

Of course, Kim Kirchen seems equally positioned and likely, but I think that Millar has less to lose with an all-out effort. It's really Schumacher's to lose as he is capable of defending.

As for the stage winner, I'm going to have to say: Valvedere. Evans won't be too motivated to follow. Others will, so we'll see.

The chance of both of my predictions coming true is small, which is why I make more than one ;)

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