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BSG Webisodes



rcp, who used to be a staunch Star Trek TNG defender in the BSG vs. TNG debates, eagerly texted me to let me know that the BSG [webisodes are coming online this week][link]. My eagerness to watch them is only slightly deterred by having to watch the Underworld preview before each episode (do advertisers understand that once is cool, five times in short succession makes me never ever want to see the movie?).

Unlike the last webisodes, these seem to have little to do with the coming season -- just a little horror show and character development.

Return of Stewart and Colbert


"We would like to return to work with our writers. If we cannot, we would like to express our ambivalence, but without our writers we are unable to express something as nuanced as ambivalence."

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will return to the air on January 7 -- someone must have rescued Stewart and Colbert from XKCD.

Although I selfishly celebrate their return, it seems like it was a hard decision for the two. Stewart and Colbert support the WGA strike, their writers and comedians have posted amusing videos in support, and the WGA's reaction to the announcement states that the hosts were forced to return to the air by Comedy Central. I foresee Colbert doing better with the improvisational requirements of their return, but I can't see either show doing that well -- I always fast forward through Stewart's interview, which will likely now dominate the show.

As angry as the WGA is, perhaps poor quality comedy shows will highlight the importance of good writing. I'm not saying that Colbert and Stewart should throw the game, but perhaps they can do more in their return than not.

BSG Razor: A Prelude to a Finale


Razorm hooked me up with a ticket to the free screening of Battlestar Galactica: Razor, a two-hour made-for-TV movie (free-for-movie-screen movie?). It's meant to be enjoyed post-Pegasus arc, but doesn't directly deal with the story arcs for the final Season Four. Rather, Razor feels like a well-done polishing of the BSG universe with the writers going over the rough edges of the BSG universe. Current BSG characters get some added depth, continuity with the original series is painted in, and the moral counterpoint of the Pegasus is illustrated. It's not required viewing, but it is entertaining viewing for those who enjoy BSG, and especially worthwhile for those that miss Admiral Cain.

At the end of the movie they teased us with a trailer for the "extended uncut" version of Razor, which clearly showed clips that were not in the two-hour presentation we just watched. I felt slightly cheated that a release one month from now will have additional footage, but I may just pick it up to see the additional Adama and Cain back story.

The Daily Show has launched a new site with its complete archives of Daily Show segments since 1999. To celebrate, enjoy the clip above of my favorite segment from this month or browse the archives of Even Stephven. (FYI: The site is having a bit of trouble with the traffic right now)

Tricia Helfer Katee Sackhoff/Starbuck Mary McDonnell/Laura Roslin Lucy Lawless David Eick 2007-07 Comic-Con 282

Photos from the "Women of Battlestar Galactica" panel are up (Movieweb has some low-quality audio). The panel was kicked off by a clip that started "Well-behaved women rarely make history", followed by a long montage of "fraks" and shots of BSG women beating up men, etc... Perhaps it was appropriate that Lucy Lawless made her surprise entrance flipping the bird to the moderator, but it was after he accidentally called her a man.

The talk was full of other moments of crudeness, pretty much all from the same person. Lucy Lawless sat in a wet chair and wondered if Katee Sackhoff had got it wet again (it was actually Sackhoff's chair, which she had switched out before Lawless came on stage):

Lucy Lawless finds her chair wet Katee Sackhoff denies she wet the chair

And there was Lucy Lawless twice using hand gestures to discuss Baltar (the first describing why both her character and Six were interested in him, the second discussing her surprise at entering a scene to Callis' full-frontal nudity):

Lucy Lawless describes Baltar Lucy Lawless recounts Callis' full frontal scene

Mary McDonnell played the more dignified role, Sackhoff the embarrassed role, and Helfer the shy role, but all got their laughs in. Ronald Moore and David Eick were there to answer plot questions and Michael Shepard (Romo Lampkin) posed for photos in the audience to help the Browncoats raise money for charity.

Katee Sackhoff and Mary McDonnell 2007-07 Comic-Con 312

There weren't many spoilers and I won't give any away here, per se. The cast is only give a five-or-so scripts ahead worth of knowledge, so they themselves can't spoil much. Ronald Moore described this last season as being like "Senior year" as the show wraps itself up. The Razor two-hour movie will introduce the final plot lines for the season by criss-crossing through Battlestar past, from the first Cylon war to Pegasus' escape from Caprica.

This is my third BSG panel; I only missed the very first in 2004. My favorite was the 2006 panel that had both Olmos and Lawless to entertain. Here are photos from the others:

Photos: Heroes Panel


Heroes: Ali Larter Heroes

I didn't get too many photos of the Heroes panel as I was still worried that I was going to get kicked out for not having a seat. Battlestar Galactica was next and I was camping for a good seat.

Masi Oka showed his nerd roots -- the sound system was giving feedback through most of the panel, so he climbed under the table to mess with the cords. He provided temporary relief, but the hum came back once more.

Heroes Comic-Con Photos

Heroes Heroes: Masi Oka

Tour de Comic-Con/Team Uni: Saturday


Saturday's stage blew away Team Uni's expectations in many ways. A gameplan to ride the queen stage with a warmup climb of the Quick Draw Panel (Cat 4) and then over the Ballroom 20 climbs of Heroes (Cat 1), Battlestar Galactica (Cat 1), Futurama (Cat 3), and Joss Whedon (Cat 1) turned more adventurous than planned, at least for team member kwc. The team made sure to shed all extra gear for this event to ride as light and slipstreamed as possible.

The team went into Saturday's stage with a plan to avoid the convention floor, fearing that it would be even more swamped than in previous days. Instead, the team observed it was perhaps the least crowded that it has been all week. Points for the Credit Ruining Accoutrements Classification (CRAC) were easy pickings and kwc was able to pick up limited editions of a Transformers Rodimus and Hot Wheel Batmobile, neither for himself, and the former being an item that m has sought after the entire convention. Instead of having to do the usual wait in line to get a ticket to get a time to wait in line again, kwc was able to walk directly to the cash register. Perhaps it was like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: kwc was able to retrieve these items because he had no desire for it.

Why was the convention floor so empty? Perhaps it was because other convention go-ers were doing was most of Team Uni was doing: waiting in line to get into panels. The length of the Ballroom 20 climb was five times longer (if not more) than in previous years for nearly identical panels (e.g. Battlestar Galactica). There were enough people to circle the entire east wing of the convention center.

kwc bridged up to bleusky and m, who were far up in the line but still found themselves unable to join the Heroes panel. This is when things got a bit interesting for kwc. He made a brief stop at the bathroom, which he found was temporarily closed for VIPs. The bathrooms were reopened and he soon found himself passing by the kid who plays Micah on Heroes washing his hands at the sink. kwc noted VIPs meant there must be another path from the bathroom to Ballroom and formulated a plan of attack.

kwc told bleusky and m about the run-in and possible secret path, and then decided to go scout the route. He poked his head through the unguarded double doors to check the security and... walked right into Ali Larter and the rest of the cast of Heroes walking down a back corridor. The breakaway was forming and kwc knew that this was the one to go with. He jumped into their draft -- not that there is much of a draft walking behind Ali Larter -- and pulled out his iPhone to block his badge and blend in with the assistants. A bodyguard made fertive glances at this new rider in the break.

The composition of the break at this point: the entire Heroes cast—Jack Coleman (H.R.G.), Noah Gray-Cabey (Micah Sanders), Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman), Ali Larter (Niki Sanders), James Kyson Lee (Ando), Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura), Hayden Panettiere (Claire Bennet), Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli), Zachary Quinto (Sylar), Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder Suresh), Dania Ramirez (Maya), and Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli) as well as Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale, and Tim Kring. There were also the guests and family of the cast, including Rob Liefeld. It would have been a fun scene to take a photo of, but kwc could only think, "don't give away that you don't belong."

The group swelled up at the back entrance to Ballroom 20, then split as the cast,crew and people with black wristbands were led in. Quite a lot of the guests did not have these wristbands and as Jeph Loeb zoomed past he promised that he would send someone back to bridge them back in.

With the big names now gone from our midst, the security drones descended upon us, setting a mighty crosswind that threatened to expel the wristband-less chase gruop. An assistant bravely stood at the front and absorbed the blunt of the wind shouting, "I cannot move from this spot. If I do, I will lose my job." kwc cowered in his draft.

kwc briefly jumped on Rob Liefeld's wheel as he led a group over to one of the sidedoors, where a security guard was offering to let them in. The Liefeld group quickly dissolved as they noticed the others getting backstage, so they quickly sped back to that group, through the door, and backstage. kwc was in and quickly found that backstage was crowded, and all you saw was the cast's back -- he left backstage to find a better view.

The Heroes panel itself was actually boring -- the sort of panel where the moderator asks each panelist the same trite question, except that the entire cast was there, so this was quite tiresome. There was the occassional playful moment between members of the cast, usually led by Greg Grunberg, and there was the brief appearance of Kevin Smith, who was the first on the session to wonder if the Japanese characters on the show were gay. As excited as the audience was by his presence, he warned that might spell doom for the show as it did Veronica Mars. There was a clip at the end of the show that revealed little in the way of plot and more in the way of who was in the clip (I won't give it away here). kwc got a "Comic-Con Exclusive" first printing of the Season 1 DVD box, which is just a ridiculous piece of schwag. Maybe he can take advantage of the same people who buy PS3 boxes on eBay.

kwc was able to grab a fourth-row seat for m, who remained patient in line and got in for the Battlestar Galactica panel, which turned out to be a "Women of" sort of affair as Lucy Lawless, Tricia Helfer, Katee Sackhoff, and Mary McDonnell were the cast members present. It was a more entertaining event than Heroes and Ronald Moore talked about the upcoming Razor episode, which will be a sort of bridging episode that goes all the way back to the first Cylon war as well as back to the original attack on the Pegasus.

bleusky returned from sketch-hunting to watch the Futurama panel. Team Uni originally thought of the panel as being the Joss Whedon camping event, but it ended up being kwc's favorite panel on the day. The writers wrote a thank you comic to the fans and Comic-Con came on and performed it. It's one thing to see brief clips of voice actors on DVD extras, it's another to see the actors working together and someone like Billy West single-handedly do dialog between Fry, the Professor, and Zoidberg. John DiMaggio's larger-than-life presence was not all that different from Bender, and he, West, and Maurice LaMarche were all able to entertain the audience with displays of their voice talent -- the best being when they showed how they blended different voices to come up with their Futurama character's distinct signature.

The final climb of the Ballroom 20 course was the Joss Whedon event. In prior years, Whedon was able to deflect bad questions with great ease; this year he seemed more eager to answer the "what makes you more creative than me?" sorts of questions that dominate these events. He talked about his new effort Sugar Shock (available online) as well as Buffy Season 8, feminism, etc... He also resisted chants from the audience to dance like a monkey.

parakkum took part in the separate Magic competition held on Saturday (parakkum's diary entry). He caught another opponent accidentally cheating and took that match, but bad draws and otherwise made for a tough event.

Ota rode the first Quick Draw panel with other team members and then rode a separate course through the Jim Henson/Tokyo Pop panel and the Hall-H-Category (HHC) Disney/Pixar event.

The full team grouped together to ride at the front of the line heading into the Sails Pavilion, getting a table up front and indulging themselves in the free nachos, cupcakes, and candy that the organizers generously offered. The first half of the event had some fun skits and costumes, but the team was passing out on the final stretch.

Quick post from Hawaii



IMG_3048Hawaii goes well -- our hotel room feels larger than our apartment and we're overlooking the beach. Today we went up to the North Shore and watched about ten different sea turtles feeding on seaweed. A very nice guy on the beach whose job it is to watch after the turtles told us a lot of interesting facts about them, from describing the satellite transponders on the backs of the turtles picked as most likely to visit the breeding grounds to anecdotes about having to free some of the smaller turtles that get wedged in the rocks. The turtles definitely need their hard shells to protect them against the crashing waves as we saw at least one turtle get flipped over. I'm posting photos of them from my digital camera but I'm hoping for even better from my disposable underwater camera.

On the way back we visited the set of Lost -- you walk down a public beach and there it is, a bunch of huts made out of airplane siding and bamboo. There was some Dharma Initiative food within grabbing distance, but I had no desire to outrun the security guard.

IMG_3103 IMG_3110

This American Life on TV



parakkum told me about This American Life migrating from radio to a Showtime series. I was dubious -- the personalities of TAL were more book and radio sorts of stars. My opinion is being swayed by the Chris Ware clip above. If the rest of their storytelling has similar sorts of production, I could really start to go for it.

A Whole Buncha Comic-Con Photos


I uploaded a bunch of Comic-Con photos thinking I was going to process them, but a lot of them look close enough for government work. If I haven't touched them up after 5 months, might as well just post them. This is a small sampling of what I posted in the Comic-Con '06 set, but it is probably the better of what's there. A bunch are still marked private awaiting processing that will probably never come.

Battlestar Galactica

A whole buncha Edward James Olmos:

IMG_0780 IMG_0783

IMG_0747 IMG_0738

Lucy Lawless:

IMG_0769 IMG_0770 IMG_0759

James Callis (most need reprocessing):

IMG_0768 IMG_0705 IMG_0703

Aaron Douglas (most need more processing):


One of Ron Moore:



I also went to the Hood of Horror panel in the hopes of catching Snoop Dogg in person. Snoop Dogg of course showed up too late, but I did catch Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson. There was also a scary-looking Diamond Dallas Page, Pooch Hall, Brande Roderick, Daniella Alonso, and Lin Shaye (thank you, IMDB).

IMG_0651 IMG_0659 IMG_0648

IMG_0588 IMG_0592 IMG_0574 IMG_0560

And I also snuck this awful photo of Jennifer Love Hewitt through a crowd of people (the only photo that I processed, as it was just 1):

Jennifer Love Hewitt at Comic-Con

The more important task for me that lies ahead is finally aligning all the Quick Draw photos with the notes that parakkum sent me long, long, long ago.

Elsewhere on (Part IX)


Episode 69: 22,000 foot fall, Lights On or Off

The 22,000 Foot Fall myth was in many was a revisit of the Cement Mix Up myth, i.e. setting off a really big explosion in a Calaveras County quarry for kicks, though they were actually testing a myth this time around. This explosion had better footage than the cement truck as you could see the shockwave more clearly, and there is even a fire-fighting copter swooping in afterwards to put out fire on the surrounding hillside. As this myth did have a true story at its core, there was some hint of belief from Adam that this might actually work... until they were reminded what a 1,000 lb bomb looks like.

I was interested in the lights on or off myth as I had been told that its generally best if you leave fluorescent lights on all the time. I believe I had been told something like, "unless you leave the fluorescent lights off for more than an hour, you shouldn't turn them off." As it turns out, the actual rule for fluorescent lights is about 23 seconds. For other lights, about a second or less.

Episode 61: Deadly Straw, Primary Perception

The primary perception myth was the kooky myth of the episode and it started off on a weird note: they actually got a polygraph to react to Tory's thoughts of harming a plant. As they improved their experimental setup, though, these weird results disappeared.

The hurricane-related myths saw the construction of a new MythBusters air cannon. This one couldn't fire chickens -- just at them -- but it did feature an 80-foot-long barrel. It was a little scary as a straw gun; it was absolutely frightening as a piano wire gun.

Episode 62: Killer Cable Snaps, Pottery Record

The cable snap myth saw the return of pig carcasses as standins for human bodies. Its not a episode for those easily made queasy. The cable snap myth tested a belief that many of us, including Adam, had: that a snapping cable can cut you in half. But their own researchers had not turned up a single confirmed case of this actually happening and their testing confirmed what their researchers did: a snapping cable isn't going to cut through you like butter. It can kill you and cause many other types of damage, but in their multiple tests, though couldn't get a single cut.

NYTimes on MythBusters


The New York Times has an article title 'Best Science Show on Television?", which discusses the MythBusters TV show and their Hindenburg experiment.

Big TiVo features tomorrow


PVRBlog points to a the "hold for release" newswire that indicates that TiVo will be expanding it's Internet video offerings, including:

  • ability to setup private groups with other TiVos to share videos
  • makes it easier to transfer downloaded videos onto a TiVo
  • select CBS programming downloadable to TiVo (probably not different from what CBS is currently putting on YouTube)

I'm not terribly excited by all of this. I feel that TiVo has either been vapor-ish with its announcements (Netflix, TiVo download trial, Comcast) or has under-delivered (TiVoCast, TiVoToGo) or has been an outright nuisance (the KidZone update that has significantly slowed down my TiVo).

Bad TiVo rate increase


Update: zonereyrie has analyzed the new plans and came to the conclusion that if you sign up for at least 2 years, you actually save a little money with the new pricing; for 3 years, you really save money; for 1 year, things get much more expensive. I've read through his analysis twice already and still have trouble grokking it all, which is another way of saying that box fees + monthly pricing bundles + pre-paid bundles + monthly service only + multiservice discounts + prepaid service only = where's the TiVo financial planning plugin for Quicken?

TiVo is doing its best to make its rates at difficult to understand as possible and making it all more expensive at the same time. As a current user, the rate increase that hurts the most is that multi-service discounts now having a more expensive and confusing structure: instead of $6.95/month, it is now $13.95/mo for one year, $8.95 for two, or $6.95 for a three year contract. New users are hurt even more, with the one-year contract rate now priced at $19.95/month. You also have to calculate in the box fee they added with the previous rate restructuring, though you can currently get an 80-hour TiVo with $0 box fee.

I liked the previous TiVo. I liked the TiVo that allowed me to buy a box and pay lifetime on it, so that when I was finished with the box I could give it to my parents to play with. I don't like this new TiVo that wants $800 for their latest product and wants to charge me $100/year on top of that.

BetaNews | TiVo Raises Rates, Pushes 'Free' DVR

I get to clear some photos from the backlog


The MythBusters "Mega Movie Myths" episode has now aired so I've uploaded some more photos from "Awning Fall," which is the segment that we got to watch. m lent me the 16-35mm lens that really made a lot of these shots possible. I'm still watching the episode so I'll keep my comments brief, except to say its fun to finally see how they put it all together.

Mythbusters-Awning Fall-Adam

Mythbusters-Awning Fall-Buster Butt Mythbusters-Awning Fall-Buster Butt

I was just on MythBusters!


See if you can spot me ;) (Hint: you won't recognize me, just my big telephoto lens shooting behind everyone as Tory does his fall)

Day of the Video: TiVo


Update: m sent me the link for the $199 lifetime service transfer option. You need to do it before the end of 2006. I'm hoping that I can get one before then with my rewards points.

It's here! Series 3 TiVo, or rather, TiVo HD. It looks like everything you could want in a TiVo -- I especially like the new front panel that tells you what programs are being recorded -- but there is one glaring omission: no TiVoToGo and otherwise incomplete TiVo Desktop support (mp3s, but no high-res photos). They hint that they might fix this, but after taking so long to push this out the door, I'm disappointed. I've always planned to keep the old 140-hour Series 2 around, but its silly that I can't get everything in one box.

There's no word on whether or not it will be available using TiVo Reward points, but the list price is the expected $800. Instead of lifetime, they're offering a new 3-year prepaid plan for $299 -- in other words, the same price as lifetime, but a whole lot shorter. Granted, 3 years is a long time for an electronics device with a hard drive and is close to its actual product lifetime -- my series 1 died after 5 years -- but my opinion is that TiVo wants to cut into the folks selling their lifetime TiVos on eBay. There is no confirmation yet of the "transfer lifetime service for $199" ad screenshot that made the rounds.

Engadget has an early review and some videos. site is currently slow due to the plethora of tech announcements

Elsewhere on (Part VII)


I've gotten a start on the season 4 episode writeups. Of course I am eagerly anticipating the episode that I got to watch in person, but many of these have been fun as well. Never before have I gotten so much background info on a myth prior it to showing. I mean, it's one thing to hear Adam tell everyone at lunch about that pizza he ate, it's another thing entirely to watch said pizza spinning down a whirlpool vortex.

Dirty Jobs Drinking Game



photo used with permission

d and I love Dirty Jobs. d loves it because "it reveals the dirty underbelly of capitalism," I like it because it's dirty. In honor of their 100th dirty job episode -- Farmer Bob's Las Vegas pig farm is our favorite -- we put together this drinking game. This is our first cut, we may refine the list later.


  • "Hi, I'm Mike Rowe" (including outtakes)

Drink if:

  • Mike tells someone, "you have a dirty job"
  • Mike quotes opera lyrics, theater lines, or poetry
  • There is an explosion
  • Mike squirts/flings something on the camera
  • Mike gets something unpleasant in his mouth
  • Mike writes "Dirty Jobs" in muck
  • Fecal matter is involved
  • Pigs!
  • Mike harasses a cameraman
  • Mike attempts math
  • Mike takes his shirt off
  • Mike loses a shoe
  • Vexcon makes an appearance
  • Mike has to catch an animal
  • Producer jazzes up monotonous segment with rock music
  • Mike has to sex an animal
  • Mike wonders why he isn't wearing a mask
  • Mike complains about not getting any help
  • Mike has to herd an animal into a pen
  • Mike mentions his former career
  • Mike eats whatever he was handling
  • Mike gets stuck
  • Mike has to assist animal mating rituals
  • Mike fears for his life

Chug if: * Mike sings a song * Mike coaches a kid to say Dirty Jobs is his favorite show * Mike vomits

If you're really crazy, drink (or chug) if: * Mike screws something up

BSG preseason 3 crack


TiVo reminded me that Lost season 3 is approaching by recording a crummy 'survival guide', but that's not the season 3 I'm looking forward to because Lost season 2 just wasn't that good and I'd be happy to see it end with a bang this year. Battlestar Galactica, on the other hand, is a season 3 I'm eagerly anticipating. It's going to be dark, dark, dark. At Comic-Con, they mentioned that the darker moments of season 2 will become the lighter moments of season 3. I can't wait, and thankfully has started a ten-part 'webisode' series that leads into the Oct 6th premiere. There isn't too much material, but it's enough to remind me that I've been waiting to watch some good TV and the wait is almost over. 

If you're looking for more spoilers, there's always these notes from the Comic-Con BSG panel for mild spoilers and this Aint's It Cool News writeup for even more (thanks meta for the second link and the webisodes headsup).

Gearing up for Series 3 TiVo


TiVo's been a bit weird about the Series 3 release. They setup a page on their Web site that allows you to signup for news on the Series 3 release. I of course signed up, but have yet to have a single e-mail from them with any details. But that doesn't mean there isn't news leaking from TiVo Corp into the wild. They ran an ad in a industry trade magazine talking about the upcoming release, they announced the $800 price to Popular Mechanics, and the ad to the right reveals good news: current users will be able to transfer their lifetime service to the new units, though $199 isn't exactly cheap, but neither is the $800 unit.

The rumor mill has the release of the TiVo Series 3 pegged at September 17, so I'm crossing my fingers that news holds true. It's football season time and I've been looking forward to being able to sleep in instead of waking up at 10am to watch the morning games. I'm also hoping that they offer the Series 3 on their TiVo Rewards page; otherwise I have 50,000 TiVo Reward Points that I've been building up for nothing ;). If I have to spend real money on the Series 3 I might be in trouble -- September 12th is an Apple media event and a video-streaming Airport or a Video iPod might eliminate my disposable income.



Stephen Colbert coins 'Wikiality' (reality/truth defined by a majority) as his W�rd, edits the George Washington entry to state that, "In conclusion, George Washington did not own slaves," and The Colbert Report entry to call Oregon "Idaho's Portugal." He also calls on his viewers to edit the elephant entry to state that the number of elephants is increasing, which results in the predicted vandalism across Wikipedia.

Now the 'Stephencolbert' user has been blocked for user verification (the edits occurred before the airing of the show), and Slashdot is declaring the prank 'backfired.' But did it backfire? It sounds to me it all went according to plan -- the Wikipedia editors are still debating how to include 'Wikiality' in Wikipedia.

Silver lining


Time Warner Cable in Raleigh is apparently refusing in install CableCards in Series 3 TiVos. Their argument is that they offer their own DVR service, so they shouldn't be forced to support their competition. By similar argument, they could sell their own TVs, and refuse to offer cable on yours.

The silver lining? I don't live in Raleigh, nor do I have Time Warner, so I'm not affected, but more importantly, Time Warner has provided another real world example of why DRM and DRM-like technologies aren't about protecting copyright, they are about protecting business models and technologically barring competition.

Update: Time Warner has changed their policy and will support the Series 3 TiVo.

Tour de Comic-Con: Friday's stage


I haven't really posted about yesterday's stage, but today's stage was so awesome that let's just leave it at my "Tired" entry for now and move onto this morning and afternoon.

Entertainment along the route picked up throughout the stage. After Snoop Dogg and Lando failed to show up for their session, things picked up dramatically with a rollicking Battlestar Galactica session. They probably gave away too many Season 3 spoilers, but Edward James Olmos and Lucy Lawless added a lot more entertainment to this year's panel. The day ended with the New Line Cinema event. Kenan Thompson was a hilarious host and things got great once the Final Destination 3 promo was done. They showed a clip from the upcoming Tenacious D movie (hilarious rock opera clip with a Meat Loaf and Dio) and then, what we were waiting for, Snakes on a Plane, featuring Samuel L. Jackson, live snakes (anaconda!), a 10-minute clip, and a hilarious mashup of some of the fan parodies. Samuel L. Jackson played his bad-ass part well, kinda like a Bruce Campbell session but with a lot more muthafuckas thrown in.

The schwag points in this year's Tour have been much more difficult to come by: the movie studios aren't giving away schwag at their presentations, there's a lot less t-shirts, a lot less posters, a lot less of everything, which doesn't make much sense as this is the biggest Tour de Comic-Con ever. Or perhaps it's so big that companies don't want to give out that much anymore. m and I are probably going to save some crucial weight tomorrow and leave our poster tubes behind as they are fairly empty.

Nevertheless, this year's Tour has some of the best schwag booths ever -- so good that I hestitate to call it schwag. After trying yesterday and only coming up with a Magic Booster pack, Team Uni got five Star Wars Attack on Endor sets that retail for $20 each. Team Uni also picked up three Boba Fett limited edition Bust-Ups, which non-limited versions retail for $4-5.

The sketches also went very well for kwc, who has been working since Thursday to get a Mignola sketch but has failed repeatedly. Today, success, as I now have a Hellboy sketch to add to my collection as well as a Stephen Silver sketch. honeyfields and my sketch books are much less full this year, but the focus has been much more on getting sketches from specific people and it has paid off. kwc has gotten sketches from Mignola, Kazu, Silver, Sakai, Guenoden, Kurtz, Aragones, and Gabe, which is a happy haul.

For both the schwag and sketch point competitions, this year's strategy has been much more in the style of Michael Rasmussen and Richard Virenque: ignore the piddling Cat 4 and Cat 3 climbs, go hard on one of the stages and take all the big climbs. Today's stage was that stage for us. With over $100 in retail with about an hour's effort each, Team Uni can coast to the finish, though we may pick up an extra Endor set or two just in case.

Elsewhere on (part 6)


I've already done some Comic-Con prep posts here, but over in my cycling blog I wrote about how I'm going to attempt to watch the Tour de France remotely with my TiVo. It shows how TiVo doesn't quite have place-shifting down just yet, but it's mostly a backup plan as littlestar/parakkum have informed me that I should be able to watch the Tour on TV where we're staying in San Diego.

Comic-Con Live


Experience the long lines LIVE on Comic-Con Live! I just saw a promo for Comic-Con Live on G4 -- I don't even know if I get that channel. But, if you do, you can watch the rest of us geeks over in San Diego. For some of the more Hollywood events, the TV coverage will probably be better than being there in person, but you won't get our schwag :).

TiVo Desktop 2.3


TiVo Desktop 2.3 is out with the long promised features of being able to transfer video to your PSP and iPod. This is a cool upgrade to have, but for me, the coolest thing has been the ability to auto-transfer and auto-convert videos in general. It's nice that I can then stick the converted videos on an iPod, but one of the major features of TiVo Desktop that has been missing for me is the ability to reasonably archive footage that I am interested in. I would like to keep around videos of cycling races that I know will never be put on DVD or available via BitTorrent, but with previous versions of TiVo Desktop the size of the .tivo files are often over 2GB. With TiVo Desktop 2.3, I've been able to autotransfer all my favorite cycling races and have them compressed down to about 400MB/hour. Even better: the conversion removes the .tivo DRM, so you can actually play the video in something other than Windows Media Player, like QuickTime on a Mac. Before anyone cries, "Piracy!" let me note that pirates already offer much higher quality video at the same file size than TiVo Desktop produces. TiVo Desktop 2.3 is a tool that lets you watch your video on your devices much more than ever before.

The iPod integration is a bit better than the PSP integration, which is more the fault of Sony than the fault of TiVo. I've converted many videos, but transfer very few of them to my PSP because I don't want to spend the time plugging in my PSP, navigating to the MP_ROOT directory, and then copying in videos manually -- which includes having to manually rename the files to MPxxxxx.mp4 (unless something has changed). iTunes made me realize that I've become far too lazy for that. The PSP has no iTunes equivalent to make it easy for third-parties to deliver content, unless you count the software that Sony expects you to shell out an extra $20 for, and why would any company ever spend money to support that? The fact is, no one can save the PSP from Sony.

TiVo Desktop still lacks the polish of TV TiVo, but TiVo is relinquishing a bit of control over your video and that's a very good thing. Is it worth $24.95? I would say a qualified yes: $24.95 is cheap for video, but I expect more polish out of something I pay for.

TiVo Desktop 2.3



TiVo has announced the launch of TiVoCast, which is the same thing as vodcasts (video podcasts), except that TiVo has signed deals with specific content providers such as the NBA, New York Times, CNET, and iVillage. I've been subscribing to RocketBoom on my TiVo for six months now in the hopes that a launch like this would come about, though I am of mixed impressions on the specifics. TiVo seems to be taking the approach where they select the vodcasts that you get to view and those get added to the TiVo Showcase. What the announcement leaves out, though, is any mention of the thousands of other vodcasts on the Internet. I want my Strongbad E-mails and my NOVA!

Light blogging cont'd + hiatus


I'm heading off to Japan on Friday for work + play. I've been catching up on my lessons, which I think is an excellent language resource for those of you with iPods. You get beginner- and intermediate-level spoken courses and you also get an English/romaji/kanji/hiragana/katakana transcription if you press you press the center wheel on your iPod a couple times. I didn't even know that you could store note tracks with podcasts until they explained this feature and I've loved it ever since.

I'm hoping my RSI cools down a bit while in Japan, but for now the light blogging continues...

On a separate note, the episode guide for Myths Reopened is now up. The arrow-splitting myth was the only true revisit; the salami rocket and bullets fired underwater were variations of the original myth.

Elsewhere on (part 4)


A writeup of my visit to the MythBusters set and the Tour de Georgia coverage has concluded. It's been an exciting month, from cycling events like the Sea Otter Classic, Menlo Park, and the Tour de Georgia, to MythBusters to Maker Faire to Alternative Press Expo, but I'm probably going to have to buy a stack of hard drives for all the photos and videos, and I go to Japan in two weeks! These are very good times.



I just got back from watching the MythBusters in action. They were really nice to us and I took a ton of photos, but I'll have to figure out how to split this up as neither I nor they want to give away any spoilers.

Update: here's an initial sample. There are many, many photos remaining, but they will probably wait until I can do a writeup.


MythBusters-12 MythBusters-07 MythBusters-06 Kari and Jamie

DARPA Grand Challenge on PBS


NOVA aired a special called The Great Robot Race covering the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge. If you missed it, PBS has been kind enough to post the entire program online -- sweet.

NOVA also has one of my favorite video podcasts. Recently, they've been airing amusing mini-programs from the DARPA Grand Challenge. Great stuff for people who short attention spans like me that want our stories in 2-3 minute chunks.

Previously: * Sebastian Thrun's talk on Winning the DARPA Grand Challenge * DARPA Grand Challenge link roundup

Unofficial MythBusters guides:

Spare cycles: * What Would Graham Do? * SportsVelo and LATS * Basso Looking Strong (Criterium International)

More on the MythBusters coming soon. I took lots of video that I need to process. If it's good enough I'll post on YouTube. If it's not, I try to transcribe some of the Q&A. There was a great blooper reel that I wish I could post.

Elsewhere on


I actually watched the Oscars


It's been awhile since I last watched the Oscars. I think I briefly watched the hobbity bits, but not the entire event. I watched to see Jon Stewart and, for the most part, he didn't disappoint... for me. According to The Moderate Voice, the reviews are mixed. My own brief Technorati search for "Jon Stewart" turned up positive review after positive blog review, which seems to agree with my own understanding, which is that Jon Stewart made funny jokes if you are a Jon Stewart fan and made unfunny jokes if you happen to be the type of person who takes what actors wear to the Oscars seriously. I especially liked the Spielberg "Trilogy" joke and the fake lobbying ads ("Acting while beautiful"). The opening monologue and a montage of Jon Stewart jokes have made it onto YouTube -- hopefully other clips will make it up long enough for viewing before being taken down by a cease and desist letter.

Screenshots added


My MythBusters: Catch a bullet with your teeth and helium football entry has been updated with disgusting screenshots of abused pig heads.

Update: screenshots removed at the order of the Discovery Channel

Blah Blah Blah


Two hours after the end of the Superbowl, ESPN had a graphic up on their frontpage that said:

blah blah blah

They have since corrected it to say:

Final: 21-10

I believe that the original graphic was more correct.

Violence seems to have replaced sex in this year's ads. Either that, or we mostly laughed at the violent ones in reflection of our current zeitgeist. I was partial to the non-violent sheep streaker ad -- I also like the 2003's zebra instant replay version -- but I figure with seven ads Budweiser was bound to score with at least one. Nostalgia also hearkened me to the MacGyver ad. IFILM has a pretty descent Superbowl ad page if you want to relive the ads.

'Lost' MythBusters Experiments


Discovery has posted some videos of 'lost' experiments: MythBusters: Lost Experiments

These aren't really 'lost' because, as far as I can tell, they've all been shown on the show before. They're more like MythBusters shorts.

Yes! HD TiVo!



I bet the farm on this one, just about. I got my TiVo credit card so that I would have enough TiVo reward points. I bought a new HD TV and put it on my TiVo card. All because a couple years back TiVo said they would deliver a CableCARD-based HD TiVo in early 2006.

I've been glued to this year's CES coverage just waiting for a TiVo logo to appear. If they were going to keep their early 2006 promise it had to be announced by CES. My mood was getting down when there was no news throughout the first day of the expo. Finally, the news is rolling in on the new TiVo:

There's also some hot screenshots from the TiVo Desktop 2.3 client. The one I like the most is this one showing PSP and iPod video export. There's also this one showing a more TiVo-ish TiVoToGo.

All photos courtesy of

Farewell Mr. Sony



comparison pic 2

Three years ago, all of the remotes on my coffee table were Sony: TV, TiVo, PlayStation 2 and VCR. Now all that remains is that ancient device, the VCR. The PS2 remote has been surplanted by a Panasonic DVD remote, the Sony TiVo is out on loan, and now the TV will end up on Craigslist.

By the way, a lesson to all of you trying to get HDTV from Comcast, you don't need to pay the $5 for the set-top box or get a CableCARD or switch to digital cable or do any other nonsense. If your HDTV has a builtin tuner, then you should be able to get any broadcast HD channel by plugging in the cable to the back of the TV. You'll get HD ABC, Fox, etc... You won't get ESPN HD, Discovery HD, or any of the other pay channels, but you won't pay extra either.

My new baby


plasma tv

42" diagonal, a healthy 76 lbs. Due home on Tuesday.

MythBusters interview


The MythBusters were interviewed over at Ask Slashdot: The Mythbusters Answer Your Questions. I think the most interesting bit for me is finding out that they have just completed an episode on firing bullets up into the air -- it should be a nice variation on the Penny Drop myth.

And now it's here


tivobeta.jpgThe TiVo beta features I posted about yesterday are now being released to the general public. Either I'm getting slow or TiVo is getting fast, but as davextreme points out we're all still waiting for our high-def TiVos (their online FAQ still claims early 2006). You can signup at the Online Services Priority Request Form to try and jump ahead in line to get your TiVo updated with the new software.

TiVo beta stuff


I'm excited to see some of the TiVo Beta photos out on the Web. It looks like TiVo is partnering with Yahoo to link in weather, traffic, and photos into your TiVo. There is also podcast, Live365 radio, and Fandango support.

I see a lot of exciting potential here. Why watch the weather channel for your forecast when your local weather could be streamed to your TiVo and accessible on demand? How about watching trailers for movies to help you decide which movie to buy tickets for? To be clear, I don't think the first generation of these TiVo apps will do this, but they are a start towards erasing the divide between Internet content and TV content, combining instant access with easy viewing.

Quick thoughts


No time, no time, some rapid fire rants and praise:

The good

Zimbra: I just check out their demo of their Web-based e-mail/calendar suite and it has some great stuff that makes me think, "why haven't more companies done that?" If there's an address in an e-mail you can mouse over and it pulls up a Google Map and if you mouse over a date reference ('tomorrow', 'Aug 20') it shows your schedule for that day. It's all about saving that extra step. The rest of the UI is pretty fancy and desktop-like, but I'm no longer sure why desktop-like is a plus.

Microsoft Max: A Microsoft product that I actually had fun with, though I have no idea why I would use it on a regular basis and the UI is confusing in all its modalities. I can't think of any other Microsoft product that I thought of as fun -- most just cause me to break DVDs (others agree). The feature I most enjoyed was the mantle, which arranges your photos in 3D space. (Examples: my nephew, Pinnacles, Red Bull). It looks great and it also lets you view more photos in less space. You can rearrange the clusters that it creates, but the ones it chose seemed intereresting. Side note: are the clusters in the mantle view randomly assigned? Some of their clusters are great, some make little sense, but overall it's a nice new spin on things.

iPod nano: strap one of those to the back of my cellphone and another to the back of my PSP. Slide another into my Elph case and ... oh, now I'm getting greedy.

Lost: is there anyone in the 18-35 demographic not watching this show? Everyone at the wedding was either watching the new episodes or catching up with the DVDs.

The maybe good

PSP + TV: The head of Sony says that soon you'll be able to watch video using the wireless capabilities of the PSP and sync with your DVR. Sounds pretty cool but I won't jump for joy unless I hear "TiVo."

The almost good

Google Desktop ate my CPU: I had to uninstall because the new Google Desktop decided that 99% of my CPU was quite nice to utilize, even when instructed to pause indexing. Rather unfortunate as there were some aspects of the sidebar I liked, even if it was ugly. You can tell that it's paying attention to what you're doing and trying to help and with a couple iterations I could imagine it becoming a great product, but not quite yet.

The probably ugly

Google Reader: davextreme pulled me aside during the wedding reception to let me know that Google had released a feed reader, news that I have been waiting to hear for a long time. Less than 24 hours is not enough to evaluate a feed reader properly -- for now I'll say that it's slick, but who wants to read through your feeds one entry at a time. BoingBoing alone has 20-40 entries a day -- even with keyboard shortcuts that means I have to hit 'j' 20-40 times to read just one site, at which point I want to rent a helper monkey to break up the monotony.

The ugly

iTunes 5.0 (Windows): can't seem to play a song without skipping and the 'streamlined' UI makes me wish for ole' big and bulky.

Flickr + Yahoo: the extra year of service plus two free giveaway accounts were nice presents, but Flickr still goes out for massages all the time and I don't want my Flickr ID linked to my Yahoo! ID.

TiVo: what the hell are they up to? I love my three TiVos, but their current directions have been entirely pro-broadcasters and anti-consumer. It's a very capable platform that they try to do less and less with every day. Why can't I play shows on my PSP? Why can't I share episodes with friends? Why is TiVo Desktop so buggy? Why why why?

Couch, I miss you


If only I had a couple thousand dollars, lived in NY, and had a huge apartment to display it in, I could bid on pieces of the old Daily Show set. No sign of the couch, so I'd still have to hold off hope that I could sweep into the Daily Show studios and revert the crappy new set back to the way it was.

Steven Johnson gave a talk at Books Inc. in Mountain View in order to promote his new book, Everything Bad is Good for You. (a shortened version of his Apple Store Talk for those who saw that).

His stated purpose for the talk/book is that is an attempt to talk on conventional wisdom that things have gotten worse, that newer media (TV/video games) appeal to the lowest common denominator. It is a "contrarian but honest argument" that looks, not at the content, but at the cognitive complexity of these media (# of characters, plots, etc...)

I've transcribed my notes into the extended entry. Before the jump you can checked out kottke's review or Gladwell's review (the kottke review includes some links to other resources). Or, you go straight to the source, Steven Johnson's blog, where he's be reviewing the reviewers, posting his schedule, and whatnot.

Finally, you can read Watching TV Makes You Smarter, which Johnson wrote for the New York Times Magazine and pretty much summarizes the arguments in his talk/book.

Jon Stewart, media darling


Jon Stewart's Crossfire appearance has put him front and center. The Washington Post is now running a profile, he'll be on 60 minutes this week, and just several days ago the NYTimes did a profile as well.

Comic-Con: Buffy!


I got to see Buffy, I mean Sarah Michelle Gellar. She seemed a little nervous and overwhelmed, perhaps because it started off poorly. The first question, as expected, was why hadn't she been to Comic-Con before. Expecting this, she pulled out a chronological list of reasons as to why she hadn't been there. It was a list only a comic geek could love, and it was delivered by someone who clearly wasn't a comic geek, to a crowd that contained many people who weren't comic geeks. I didn't even get them all (someone want to fill me in on the Phantom Zone reference?). According to my sparse notes, the reasons were (I may be missing one):

  1. Holding out for all the image guys to return to Marvel
  2. Two words: Phantom Zone
  3. Didn't have a ride back to LA
  4. Still trying to make sense of the Spiderman clone story
  5. Dark Knight Strikes Again -> done with comics
  6. Gonna wait for the next Tick issue. Still waiting.
  7. Waiting for Peter David/Todd McFarlane debate to be over
  8. Already married to world's biggest comic geek
  9. Not enough merchandise with my damn face on it

The rest of the talk was fairly bland: some nice things said about the Japanese people, Gellar's failed attempts to learn Japanese in time for the Japan premiere of The Grudge, compliments to the other guy for Roswell. The main highlight I remember was an exchange where a girl asked her if she ever used any of her characters to help her through real-life situations. Gellar replied, "You know they're not real, right?" which was followed by her saying that Cruel Intentions did teach her how to kiss a girl, "thank you Paris Hilton."

Eliza Dushku was also there again this year desperately trying to revive her dying show. As you can tell in the gallery, it was a whole lot easier to get close enough to take decent photos. In at least one of the Sarah Michelle Gellar photos you can see the shrimpy security guy moving me away.

Buffy/Faith Photo Gallery (23 Photos)



One of my favorite new shows, thanks to Paul, is MythBusters which is on the Discovery Channel. It's pretty apparent that the show is in the Bay Area, but up until a post on A Whole Lotta Nothing I didn't know where. You can check out the link below to see where there located (not too far from meta) as well as see their portfolio of stuff they've done for movies/commercials/etc...
M5 Industries Visual Effects

Japan theme


Japan at NightI'm still refusing to watch the Last Samurai, partly because it's a rergurgitated flick clothed in samurai armor, and also because the phrase "Last Samurai" should never be associated with Tom Cruise. I have, however, watched Lost in Translation and Kill Bill, which I think were fun, good movies, though in very, very different ways.

The New York Times has used these three films to write an article on Japan in Hollywood, which is a nice casual read. It's difficult to see Kill Bill as a movie portraying Japan... it seems more accurate to describe it as a movie portraying Japanese cinema, a caricature of a caricature, though I did like the brief visit to Okinawa. Lost in Translation, on the other hand, I thought was an excellent portrayal of being immersed in Japanese culture for the first time. The article delves into the complaints about the movie being racist, but, to me at least, the movie hits far too close to home and lacks the condescending tone for that category.

One of the funniest parts of the movie for me was when Bill Murray does the celebrity commercial for the whisky. It still surprises me everytime I see one of the celebrity commercials on Japanese TV, and watching Murray act out this scene I can't help but wonder if the actors for the actual commercials suffer as much as he is. Speaking of which, I found a link to Japander on evhead today. You can check out all the silly Harrison Ford et al commercials there if you like.

I'll leave you with one final Japan-related link which I managed to spot today. It's the source of the image accompanying this article: Japan Nighttime Skylines (via Gen Kanai via MetaFilter)

Dell = Sony?


Now Dell is trying to pull a Sony it seems. In addition to announcing it's first LCD TV, Dell is now planning on selling their own DirectTiVo. I'm mostly excited about the latter because there's so much uncertainty about the future of DirectTV + TiVo, and this puts more confidence in the relationship continuing. These announcements come on the heels of Dell announcing a Dell-branded music service, mp3 player, and home-centered PDA.
Dell turns on satellite TV | CNET

Fox has bad ratings, blames it on Nielsen


"Frankly what we're seeing strains credulity," said Alan Wurtzel, the president of research for NBC

"You can't explain a 12 percent decline in men 18 to 34 or close to 20 percent in men 18 to 24 by saying they're playing a lot more video games," said David F. Poltrack, the executive vice president for research at CBS. He added, "The fact that it's concentrated in one small age group makes it worse, and even more likely that it's an aberration."

One possible factor is more basic, Mr. Sternberg said -- the quality of the new shows. "I've always noticed that we never hear anybody talking about the programming."

Few Viewers and Network Executives Scratch Their Heads

Polk/Peabody - they both start with 'P'


While I was over at Making Light I also stumbled upon this insight as to why O'Reilly really doesn't like Al Franken: Instant Replay: The BuzzFlash Interview with Al Franken. Bill O'Reilly Gag on this One! - A BuzzFlash Interview

More info on transforming your Polk into a Peabody: The Peabody Award Spin

Stupid and Assinine (tm)


Fox got booted out of court. Among the quotes:
- "There are hard cases and there are easy cases. This is an easy case."
- "This case is wholly without merit both factually and legally."
- "Parody is a form of artistic expression protected by the First Amendment. The keystone to parody is imitation. Mr. Franken is clearly mocking Fox."
- "["Fair and balanced"] is a weak one as trademarks go."

Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage

"Stop making fun of us" - Bill O'Reilly


NY Daily News - News - Bill O'Reilly: Calling Al Franken a satirist is a farce

To paraphrase in my own words: "Fox News is so cool. That's why everyone hates it and tries to make fun of it. But those liberals that make fun of Fox are just jealous. They wish they were as cool as Fox. And making fun of cool people just isn't cool. That's why we support Ashcroft. He'll take all those ultraliberal types that want to make fun of cool people and throw them in jail where they belong with all the other hippies."

And to quote in O'Reilly's own words:

"Fox has succeeded by mixing a populist-traditional, pro-American editorial posture with lively debate that includes voices the traditional network news organizations would never allow airtime."

Hmmm.... I wonder why no other network will allow those people airtime? Could it be because they're stupid enough to draw future troop movements in the sand?

Actually, my favorite quote is, "The accusation that Fox is a conservative network is pure propaganda." How could people possibly think that? I mean, doesn't every news Web site have prominent links to books like "Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism" and Oliver North's "Mission Compromised"?
(via Metafilter)

Isn't that ironic?


Fox News has trademarked "Fair and Balanced" and is suing Al Franken for using it in the title of his upcoming book, "Lies and Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right."
- - Fox sues Franken over 'fair and balanced' - Aug. 12, 2003

This clip (courtesy of Lisa Rein) continues to demonstrate that the Daily Show is the funniest show on TV. Stephen Colbert's commentary is hilarious. Also, be sure to check out this image when you get to "those cuts would come back to haunt us" as the graphic is hard to make out in the video.

Comic-Con: Joss Whedon


Joss Whedon was a spaz; entertaining, but nevertheless a spaz. I don't care enough to transcribe everything he said, which was mostly bitterness at Firefly (with optimism for the future), closure over Buffy, and dodging of questions about future story arcs. Luckily, Rebecca Salek did good job of transcribing the Q&A session, which you can find in this Newsarama thread.

Comic-Con: Tara


Tara/Amber Benson from Buffy the Vampire Slayer was at the Comic-Con signing autographs. I didn't bother, but here's a photo:

Season Four Complete


Season Four of the Buffy marathon is officially complete, bringing to total to forty-four episodes. Amanda's now picking and choosing among Season One and Two episodes as she's already seen them all.


More photos summarizing today's action in the extended section.

Season Three Complete


Latest marathon update: Amanda has finished Season Three! That means she has twenty-two episodes under the belt.


More photos summarizing today's festivities are in the extended entry.

Marathon Day 1 Over


Day 1 of the Buffy Marathon is over. Amanda has to go to bed so she can do her Team-in-Training run tomorrow morning (she claims this is all for this other type of marathon she's doing in September). So how did she do? It looks to me like she's possessed by the demon:

06-28-03.buffy-marathon-3-2.jpg (straight from the camera, no photoshop)

Marathon Update


Just finished "Band Camp." Giles and Buffy's mom, oh yeah.

Marathon Update


Season Four has been delivered to Amanda, but Season Three is still giving her a run for her money. She's done five episodes in four hours, which seems like pretty good progress. Here are some photo updates:
06-27-03.buffy-marathon-2-1.jpg 06-27-03.buffy-marathon-2-2.jpg

So it begins...


Amanda's Buffy marathon is afoot:

06-27-03.buffy-marathon-2.jpg 06-27-03.buffy-marathon-1.jpg

Buffy Marathon


Support the Buffy Marathon! (yes, I take credit for this sadistic idea). Also, I'd like to point out that Season I + II + III + IV = 77 episodes, not 45. That's approximately 55-60 hours of Buffiness.