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Robogames 2007 Videos Part II


RoboGames.jpgSome more video from Robogames in San Francisco. This time around there's robot hockey, Crab-Fu's awesome steam robots, and an instance of Uncanny Valley

Don't believe in Uncanny Valley?


Cultural Uncanny Valley


Read on for an semi-complete essay written in the spirit of silliness. It's an old draft I wanted to wrap up now that we are in the final countdown to entry 2000 (three to go).

Uncanny Valley


I found out about the notion of "The Uncanny Valley" while reading this article (popular science) about a guy who built a realistic robotic head as a result of a pickup line for his now girlfriend/fiance ("Can I make you into a robot?").

Uncanny ValleyThe Uncanny Valley was conceptualized by Japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori, who argued that initially, as you make a robot more human-like, the emotional response of humans to it increases. At a certain point, though, if you make the robot more human-like, the emotional response plummets into a sharp negative reaction. Only when the robot approaches nearly perfect simulation does the curve rise once more.
- More on the Uncanny Valley

Update (04/20/04): Uncanny Valley example