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Concert: Not So Silent Night


The White Stripes rocked the end of Not So Silent Night in SF. They came on stage like the Ramones: song after song, no breaks, furious, and rocking. It seemed that it wasn't until every female had been rescued from the frantic/violent pit in front of the stage that Jack White pulled out the acoustic to calm things back down. I'm convinced that some of the White Stripes songs only make sense live. It simply isn't possible to play the record loud enough on your stereo to hear it at the volume it was meant to be listened to: freaking loud.

We also saw Death Cab for Cutie and Hot Hot Heat. I was strangely entertained by how uncomfortable Ben Gibbard of Death Cab was with his guitar cable. About every two measures he would fling his guitar cable off his leg. Occassionally he would step back from the microphone and give the cable a good kick/fling. Some of his efforts resulted in bottles of water and gatorade being knocked over and stage crew running out to pick things up. Perhaps I was amused that someone with so many bands under his belt can't handle such a basic piece of musical equipment. Gibbard ended his set by kicking over his mics and his amps, then scrambling to set them back up again so that he could walk off stage to a good feedback hum.

The only disappointment from the night was that the audience didn't bring the White Stripes back on for an encore. It seemed that an encore was in conflict with people catching the last BART out, so the set was a short 45 minutes or so.

Jolene on iTMS


The White Stripes' cover of Dolly Parton's "Jolene" is available on iTunes, which is nice, as the version on the "Hello Operator" LP single runs about $40 if you can find it. The iTunes version is from their upcoming Under Blackpool Lights DVD. You can check out streaming video versions at



We heard "Jolene" by the White Stripes on the radio and none of us knew what album it was on. I had heard the song before, but I wasn't sure why. So for those of you who were in the car, here are the details:

- Jolene was released as a b-side to the "Hello Operator" vinyl single
- Jolene was also a bonus track on a Japanese version of White Blood Cells
- Jolene is played a lot in concert, so I was probably remembering the song from the Berkeley concert

Jack White does five songs on the Cold Mountain Soundtrack (credited to him solo, not the White Stripes)

Update: alejandra points out that this is a Dolly Parton cover.

Concert: White Stripes in Berkeley


I got to see the White Stripes perform in Berkeley. It was one of their first shows back after Jack White broke his finger, and it was fun, good, and rocking, though as a note to self, the show probably feels more energetic if you probably aren't sitting down on a hard concrete slab - the pit is where it's at. As a tribute to the late Man in Black, Jack read the lyrics to "I Got Stripes" between songs (I've posted the lyrics in the complete entry).

We were also treated to an opening act by Ima Robot, which seems to be a revival of nearly every 80s act that we could think of (Cure, Cars, Duran Duran), combined with a bit of Johnny Rotten. I didn't listen to music in the 80s, so I don't have much else to say about this.