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Mac vs. PC


In the latest installment of Apple's Get a Mac ad series, Mac and PC put their differences aside (mostly). I was IM'ing with one of my co-workers earlier this week and, when the subject of my new Mac came up, I told him that I didn't really care anymore about OS X or XP; both seemed about the same for me. For every plus or minus for one, I could come up with an equivalent for the other, and it's hard to come up with problems that are fundamental or a condition of popularity. It's even harder now that the two use the same hardware. I drew up a short list of comparisons in the extended entry.

This isn't meant in attack/defense of either PCs or Macs. It's simply the realization that, for me, my ability to get stuff done is no longer impacted by what OS is installed on a machine. I recognize that for many, many people (e.g people who buy PCs from HP loaded with crapware, update: people who need Unix environments), this statement is not true, but I've spent the last two weeks working on both OSes interchangeably. Quite frequently, I've written a bit of code on one, checked it in, and then immediately picked up where I left off on the other. I've done the same with blog posts, e-mail, videos, and feeds.

Perhaps this is a recognition of the preeminence of Web apps, or perhaps it means that the two have copied each other enough that the differences become harder to notice. Regardless, it's nice not to care anymore.

Things I Like: Democracy


Democracy: Internet TVI was going to include the Democracy video player on the list of things I really liked about moving to OS X, and then I found out that it's actually been available for Windows as well. It looks and acts like an OS X application, so I guess I can continue to lump it into that category.

I've complained about video podcast playback in iTunes before, but I haven't been able to be that constructive about it. I know that it wasn't working for me, but I couldn't describe what would be better. Democracy is what is better.

Everything about the application made sense to me. It was really easy to subscribe to vodcasts, and it was really easy to download videos I had uploaded to Youtube and Google -- double bonus. Simple to discover, find, download, and watch -- that's pretty darn good.

Latest software updates


With three separate computers, it takes a lot for a piece of software to make it onto all three. Software that makes it easier to install on all three or keep all three in sync definitely get bonus points. Here are the ones that have recently passed the grade:

  • Google Pack: I burned a DVD every year to install a bunch of software on my dad's computer while I'm there for Christmas. It turns out that nearly everything I usually include is on the Google Pack: Google Earth, Picasa, Google Desktop, Acrobat Reader, Ad-Aware, and Firefox. It can even install Trillian. Best feature: one program to install them all, one program to find them, one program to bring them all and in oldness to update them. Worst feature: Norton Antivirus only comes with a six-month subscription.
  • Folder Size: Adds a column to show you how large a folder is in Windows Explorer. It's a simple program to win that game of, "Why Am I Out of Diskspace?"
  • Foxmarks: it's a buggy beta, but it's something I need. holds on to most of my bookmarks, but I still have quite a few bookmarks I need to keep inside my browser. The 'synchronization' feature ends up putting a lot of empty separators in my bookmark folders, but these can easily be deleted.
  • Foldershare: It lets me keep a folders synchronized between multiple computers. I find placing files in a folder the simplest metaphor for sharing between two computers and it requires the least effort to maintain.

Windows Vista/OS X mashup


Crooked Timber has a funny mashup of the audio from Bill Gates' CES speech with OS X video. To be fair, you could have just as easily substituted in screenshots of Google Desktop, Konfabulator for Windows, etc... and it would still be kinda funny, but you would miss all the stock Apple/Microsoft vitriol in the comments.

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