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NYTimes Select to go free?


nyt_ts_icon.gif The New York Post (note the source) claims to have the scoop: New York Times Select Content Freed. I've occasionally caught a Times columns syndicated in the Palo Alto Daily News or elsewhere, but the move to 'Select' content mostly took the Times out of the online conversation as far as I could tell. Those that took the plunge didn't seem enjoy the value either: subscribers fell from 224,000 in April to 221,000 in June. Maybe the they've figured that there's more money to be had selling ads shown to the non-subscribing millions than getting $8/month from the declining quarter million.

New which results are paid?


The new all-in-one search is exciting and all, but it fails one critical test: ads look like search results. They have the exact same appearance and aren't visually separated from the search results. You can't tell the difference between the top search result and the ad because only the very first ad is marked as an ad -- the rest blend in with the top results. Sometimes there's one ad, sometimes there's more, so I personally can't tell without careful reading.

Another knock: search for 'search' and you'll see at the top with Google's first mention midway through the second page of results, and no links directly to

New Sony Bravia Ad


The new Sony Bravia ad delivers, after much anticipation from this clip, but now I want them to do it with Diet Coke and Mentos

Looking for blog ideas?


A year ago, Michael Buffington did the short-lived Asbestos News blog experiment to capture high-paying adwords revenue. Apparently he didn't break the market because the uncommon Mesothelioma -- a cancer caused by asbestos -- will still let you mint your own cash if you can get someone to click on a related adword. The phrase mesothelioma lawyers costs an advertiser $54.33 per click. For more absurd rates, check out this cyberwyre list. Via

I guarantee you that Comic-Con and AAAI keywords don't pay nearly as well :)

Blah Blah Blah


Two hours after the end of the Superbowl, ESPN had a graphic up on their frontpage that said:

blah blah blah

They have since corrected it to say:

Final: 21-10

I believe that the original graphic was more correct.

Violence seems to have replaced sex in this year's ads. Either that, or we mostly laughed at the violent ones in reflection of our current zeitgeist. I was partial to the non-violent sheep streaker ad -- I also like the 2003's zebra instant replay version -- but I figure with seven ads Budweiser was bound to score with at least one. Nostalgia also hearkened me to the MacGyver ad. IFILM has a pretty descent Superbowl ad page if you want to relive the ads.

I'm superduper rich!


adsense100.JPGI sold out last May and started putting Google Adsense ads on some of the older entries on this site. For the first couple of months I only got $0.29/day. In August it jumped up to about $1.07/day and this month it's $1.29/day (the increases were due to placing ads on more pages).

At $0.29/day having ad revenue is like getting a nice birthday present once a year: it's nice, but you're not really sure it's worth the effort. Once I broke $1/day it became much easier to match the revenue to the costs of running the site: $30/month matches well with Web hosting costs or can easily fund hardware upgrades. There's no profit in it, but it feels more self-sustaining.

I didn't sell out to make a profit, so this for me is a wild success. I still find it mind-boggling that anyone would pay me any money to read my old dreck, but I'm sure I can manage a happy maniacal laugh when I deposit my first check.

Never learn II


They're never on our side, are they: TiVo Will No Longer Skip Past Advertisers

Targeted advertising


I just got my catalog from Anatomical (distributors of the fine Giant Microbes collection). On the the first page there is a poster for "Human Spinal Disorders" and on the back cover you can purchase a model of the spine, complete with herniated disc. I'll feel so much smarter now when I look at my MRI.