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Assaf of has to be the most responsive developer I've ever dealt with. Awhile back I posted about liking, but wishing it supported MovableType 2.x blogs. Assaf stopped by saying he would have MT 2.x covered shortly, and did. This made useful for 99% of the blogs I visited, until SixApart launched Vox. Unsurprisingly, didn't work with the brand new service, but I e-mailed Assaf, and now he's implemented support for both Vox and LiveJournal. So whether I'm commenting on MovableType, Vox, LiveJournal, or Blogger, is letting me follow the conversation. That's great for me -- maybe not great for you ;).


co.mments appears to be exactly what bp and I were hoping for back when we made our own RSS comment bookmarklets for our blogs. Unless you're using a service like LiveJournal, participating in a conversation on a blog can be very cumbersome as there is no standard way to get notified when you leave a comment elsewhere. co.mments gives you a bookmarklet that you click when you leave a comment and an RSS feed you can subscribe to. I have no idea how well it works, especially with highly variable MovableType blogs, but I'll be testing it out over the next week.

co.mments is similar in purpose to cocomment, but co.mments (if it works) is slightly closer to the use pattern I've been looking for.

Update: co.mments appears to work on newer MovableType blogs (i.e. 3.x templates) but not with older (e.g. installs.

Update: assaf of co.mments quickly added support for older MovableType blogs -- thanks assaf!

As a follow-up to bp's entry on RSS Comments, I now give you a bookmarklet for bloglines and My Yahoo! users that will let you subscribe to RSS comments:

Subscribe to Comments (Bloglines)

Subscribe to Comments (My Yahoo!) (NOTE: you must add the RSS Headlines content to your My Yahoo! page)

Of course, bp's site is the only site supporting RSS comments right now, but I plan to add that feature to every movabletypo site, as well as (when the real server comes back online).

Update: added My Yahoo! bookmarklet.

RSS Comments


Moving means that I don't get to help bp with setting up RSS comments with MT other than exchange links and ideas over IM, but I'm hoping to have support for this soon in the feed aggregator for (currently disabled due to DSL being shut off).

Side note: I have the code for the feed aggregator on a flash drive, so hopefully all systems will return to 'normal' by tomorrow.

It's been awhile since I've had one of my longer software rants, so to your detriment, here goes (this is targeted at MT 3.0 administrators and developers), though if you're in anyway interested in the constant change of the comment configuration on this site, this entry should explain: