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Convergence: almost there


iphone.convergence.b.jpgOne of the enjoyable aspects of the iPhone is convergence done right and fun. It's not enough that a convergence device saves you room in your pockets; it needs to show some integration between the combined functionality. The fundamentals are there and implemented smoothly: clicking on a phone number in an e-mail calls, clicking on a e-mail address loads Mail, clicking on a URL loads Safari. But there are a couple other touches: looking a location in Google Maps and you're offered the option of adding it to a contact -- the exact same option you are given with photos whether they are synced from your computer or taken with the iPhone camera. The Mail and Phone apps also share the same contacts, and contact pages allow you to quickly send SMS text messages via the Text app. It's the tight spiral of content that makes every piece of data on the phone more valuable.

There is a bit more to go, especially with locations. The Clock, Weather, and Google Maps apps don't really talk to one another. I could add Morgantown, WV as a location to the Weather app, but the Clock app claimed it didn't know where that was -- that's just odd, from a user's perspective. Google Maps, of course, has no trouble finding Morgantown, but there are no shared "location bookmarks" that would make the text entry easier. It seems natural to me that if I care what the weather is somewhere, I might want a map or a clock, right?

There's also the obvious hole with respect to music, though I think the music industry has a lot to do with that one. Ringtones are an artificial money-maker, and there currently is no way to assign songs from your library to be a ringtone for a contact. All indications are that ringtones for the iPhone are coming, but I would be surprised to see this integration come for free.