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Crash Prototyping


I recently crashed descending 84 -- I locked up the rear wheel, fishtailed, recovered, but ran out of road and ended up going over the handlebars. This accident gave me the opportunity to prototype some new cycling gear:


The Specialized Droupe: Specialized's revolutionary product in the Body Geometry line provides the perfect ergonomic fit for riders with uneven ass cheeks


AeroSling: Cuts down on 50% of the drag caused by your arms by holding one of your arms tightly against your body in an aerodynamic position.

Crash Crash-3

Moebius Rings: Can't make up your mind between the big ring and the small ring? This innovative new chainring design lets you run in the big ring and the small ring at the same time, guaranteeing perfect, 0% power transfer.

I can joke about the accident now, given that I have nothing more than a sprained shoulder and the most minor of road rash to show for it. Truth is I was plenty lucky -- and it was luck, because I was stupid to be locking up my wheel like that on a descent that I've done many, many times. Many thanks to the crew that was there to help, including the two passersby that stopped out of no particular obligation.

I should be healed and ready to go in a couple of weeks, so now I just have to make sure that my "prototype" new gear is fixed before then.

Keirin Qualifier Kraziness


There's no TdF-crashiness to view today, so enjoy this footage of a crash of the track kind.

via norcalcyclingnews

Video of Farrar Crash


Chute Paris Nice 2008 FARRAR Tyler
by Maxio

WARNING: contains language often associated with bike crashes

Some folks managed to capture video of Tyler Farrar's crash at the Paris-Nice prologue (via Slipstream). The ToC was wet and wild, but at least we avoided slip-and-slide time trials. This doesn't rate up there with the fan-captured Brad Huff crash at ToM, but we all feel the pain nevertheless.

Red, Red Wine


I was stupid enough to bike home last night at 9pm with 4 bottles of wine in my backpack and no front light. I should have learned my lesson by now as my last night-riding attempt cost me a new set of rims.

I paid for it this time around when I hit a bump and my rear tube burst. I struggled for control of my bike had enough time to think, "oh please, not the wine!" I took most of the crash with my left side, but I could feel a wet drip from my backpack as I struggled to get back up. Amazingly, three of the four wine bottles survived intact. I had a chance to survey the rest of the damage when I got home -- my shorts were covered in a mixture of red wine and blood and my backpack was full of broken glass. I'm not quite sure which red stain I was more upset about, but it was probably the wine -- it was a nice Unti Barbera.