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Bought a lot of stuff Saturday while hanging out w/ zealot in the city. There were the typical purchases (unread book count now at 58, some more DVDs for the movie list), but the real prize was a set of post-it notes with comic book characters on them. Each post-it has a picture of a superhero with an empty speech balloon that you can write the note in. Don't be surprised if your belongings get attacked by a band of superheroes speaking in my handwriting.

Other weekend highlights: Iron Giant/Eternal Sunshine at honeyfields, crepes with rcp, Presidential Debates spiced up w/ Daily Show footage

E-mail me if you want divx copies of recent Daily Show episodes, or of Stewart's infamous appearance on O'Reilly Factor.

Zealot is popular II


Maggie's real birthday is the 27th, so we all had dinner at Brother's in the city. Mmm, Korean BBQ....

Zealot is popular


Went to Maggie's b-day party in the city. Everyone was waiting in the lobby of the Clift Hotel Redwood Room for Maggie, turns out that she was already inside having some delectabe desserts. Ended having a Tawny 20-year-old port and a Cuban something dessert that was very chocolatey and very good.