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New Lightroom and Aperture


Photokina brings two good software announcements for digital photographers: Lightroom Beta 4 and Aperture 1.5. My Windows workflow means that it will be Lightroom B4 that I'll be giving a go -- my previous experience didn't wow me, but I'm willing to see if this latest rev is gentler on my CPU. Apple claims that Aperture will even run on Intel Mac minis, so my expectations are higher for Lightroom now.

PXN8, free online photo editing


I've had this problem a lot -- I want to make a quick tweak to an image I've uploaded to Flickr, but I don't have Photoshop on the computer I'm using and I have to wait until I'm home to make my quick tweak. I've always wished that Flickr would add in some simple photo tools like crop, but until that day you can try out PXN8. You can crop, rotate, sepia tone, lomo, blur, resize, correct red eye, whiten, modify hue/saturation/brightness/contrast, or add round corners to your images. It's designed to work with Flickr, which should also help you save a bit of time. The Flickr integration could be a little better, but I'm sure there is (or will be) a Greasemonkey script -- there's already a bookmarklet.