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Katamari Damacy (Evil Cute III)


honeyfields, ln m, and I teamed up to beat Katamari Damacy (actually, it was honeyfields who did most of the work, we just came in near the end). Unlike Grand Theft Auto, Katamari is family friendly because it makes horrific death and destruction of animals, people, and towns cute.

Bunnies on Stairs


Stormy tends to get more of the photo-love because of her Evil (Dead) Tendencies, but just to show you that the rest of the bunny troupe are all equally cute (even when they're not being evil cute):

Bunny stairs Bunny stairs

more bunnies in the extended

I could complain, but...


It's been interesting to watch the top search keywords for this site evolve over time. There was a bit of pride when my top keyword was 'gollum', which was related to a photo of gollum that I had posted to one of my entries. There wasn't nearly as much pride when the Khleo generics fan club hijacked my Holes review. Befuddlement turned to slight disgust when my top keyword was 'species iii girl comic-con in box'.

In recent months, my Mythbusters posts have each taken their turns in the top keywords list. While I'm happy to see that people searching for "Archimedes Death Ray" may find something useful in my show notes, I'm a bit bothered that Scottie Chapman -- blond, tattooed, female, welding member of the build team -- has spent several months in the top spots. I would even be tempted to write a rant about this, but parakkum has already saved me the effort, pointing me to this quotable rant written by someone empathetic to this specific vexation:

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the number one referrer to this here blog are search requests for "Scottie Chapman."? The number two search request is for "Scottie Chapman...nude."

While I appreciate the traffic, Sweet Jesus, people get a life!

There are no nude pictures, no pictures of the lovely and enchanting Ms. Chapman here or anywhere else of which I know. There are no pictures of Scottie Chapman here at all. Now go read a book, plant a garden, or something.

Instead of a personal rant like the one above, I can instead happily report that a force more powerful than Scottie Chapman has captured the top rankings this month: EVIL BUNNIES!. Yes, honeyfields, your evil-filled bunnies have shown that the power of the Evil Cute can defeat the Forces of Pr0n. Cute Animals and TnA may battle it out daily on the Yahoo! Image Popularity Tracker, but here, on, "Evil Bunnies" have won the day.

Evil Dead Bunnies


In a followup to my Evil Bunnies photo posting, I now present my dead-as-in-possum bunny photos, featuring histrionic Stormy. Rabbits don't appear to be capable of "slackness," so, when you turn them upside-down, their bodies have a rather rigor-mortis-like rigidity.

2005-03-05-001 057 2005-03-05-001 058



honeyfields bunnies are evil! EVIL!


more evil bunnies in the extended entry

Evil cute II


mike gives me a good followup to Evil Cute I:
me: looks potentially demented
mhuang: yep
me: i look forward to their work
mhuang: yeah. me too...
me: though i think a tarecthulu might be more interesting
me: given that they never do explain how a bean-bag panda
me: is ever able to move
me: it's an invertebrate practically
me: so cthulu powers could explain it
me: give it red eyes and the ability to float around
mhuang: Lol. You mean like this?
me: man
me: where do you find this stuff?
me: that's unreal

tangent gripe: does iChat have any easy way of copying a log of a chat session? I can copy the text, but that leaves out the person's name, and if I make a logfile of it, only iChat can open it. It seems the only alternative is to make a screenshot, which is not very graceful, and requires image-editing if you want to disguise the screennames... Trillian and AIM on Windows do a good job of this on Windows, and AIM even preserves the text stylization.