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Fire sky



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Why can't the sky be this interesting everyday?

Sign of the apocalypse



MacArthur Maze already reopened


I couldn't quite believe it when I read in the paper today that the MacArthur Maze is already re-opened. The contractor,C.C. Myers, had predicted this short of a timetable (and banked money on it), but it's been less than a month since the interchange collapsed. Somehow they (Caltrans, C.C. Myers) managed to cleanup the debris, test the damaged concrete and steel, put together a reconstruction plan, ship parts from Pennsylvania and Texas, and get it all assembled.

I once watched a video in engineering class where two teams raced against each other to each build a house in under 24 hours. That was plenty impressive, but there were test runs, much planning in advance, and amazing feats of spackling. Repairing a freeway interchange with no advanced notice in 17 days seems more impressive to me.


The news coverage on KRON 4 has me and d in stitches as the newscasters attempt to show how you can circumnavigate the current mess in the Maze. I believe their eventual advice was, "Good luck." (and a whole heap of BART tips)

The Chronicle also has its fun quotes:

"We're screwed, huh? That's going to be rough on everybody," said Joe Dorey, 55, an engineer who lives in Oakland.

Playing with Fire


I just got back from a 3-day, 20 mile hike in Big Sur. Quite a lot of fun, quite a lot of photos. I have big plans for the photos, as I took along a GPS device to record the location of most of them. That, however, will take quite awhile to put the tools together for.

In the meantime, before I collapse from exhaustion, is a simple but fun fire study I did the first night down there:

The Dragon

Playing with Fire-11

Playing with Fire-14 Playing with Fire-10 Playing with Fire-13 Playing with Fire-15 Playing with Fire-16 Playing with Fire-02 Playing with Fire-03 Playing with Fire-04 Playing with Fire-09 Playing with Fire-07

Rest of the Photoset

Fire ch-changes


Following up on the theme of change, another big change had less to do with MIT, and more to do with a fire that started during a cold snap, which was followed by thousands of gallons of water that was used to put out the fire, which was accompanied by the gutting of walls and ceilings to contain said fire, all of which resulted in crispy wood encased in sheets of ice. The event I'm describing occurred in one of the houses I lived in during college that I got to tour while I was in Boston.


The actual fire damage was very little, but the water and the gutting ruined most of the walls, floors, and ceilings, from the fourth floor all the way down to the basement. The biggest loss is the Lounge, which had accrued much of our culture over the years. When people move through a place at the rate of four years per stay, much of the memory of the organization has to be carried in the place itself. So, as much as the fire will provide a phoenix-like opportunity for rebirth/remodelling, it also represents cultural amnesia that the current members of the house will have to work hard to repair.

You can view more of the current state in the extended entry.

Fire! Fire!


Just found out that part of the main house of my fraternity in Boston burned. Structurally, the house sounds fine, but the lounge area on the fourth floor was burned to a crisp. Most importantly, no one was hurt. Given the cold weather, though, I can imagine what it must look like in there right now. CNN in fact had an image of a fire in New York that had been put out, and there were gigantic icicles over the firemen's heads. The cold weather seemed to be part of the problem, in fact. The sprinkler system had froze so there was nothing to put out the flames.

Update: satellite view of fires


10-27-03.satellite fire update.jpg

satellite photo

Update: my old neighborhood is on fire


10-27-03.scripps ranch fire map.marked.jpg

The red circle shows approximately where I used to live. It was an elevated cul-de-sac that overlooked the Miramar Naval Air Station.

My old neighborhood is on fire


I had been watching the news about Rancho Cucamonga being on fire in SoCal. What I didn't realize is that there are now multiple fires down there, including all around where I used to live. I found this photograph, which was taken less than two miles from my old house:
fire photo

Apparently, the particular fire that is burning my old neighborhood (Cedar Fire) was started by a moronic lost hiker who lit a signal fire. The San Diego firefighters are screwed because they sent their planes to LA to fight the fires that were raging there. I guess it's a good thing that my parents sold there house down there.

Also, honeyfields posted that she was stuck in LA. I was wondering why, but this photo gives a better clue:
satellite photo

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