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Going beyond flash camera sync


image by Strobist, flash sync comparisonHere's an interesting item from Strobist for all of you cycling photographers out there: Hacking Your Camera's Sync Speed, Pt. 2.

A lot of cameras (e.g. mine) flash sync at 1/250th sec, which isn't so great if you're shooting handheld at 200mm. With a little knowledge from the Strobist article, you can push it past 1/250th of a second if you can keep the band of the flash on your subject... you might even want to do this on purpose as a way of isolating the fill flash on your subject. Tricky, but do-able, even for cycling action shots:

For instance, if I am shooting BMX bikers going over jumps, I would light the area where they hang in the air and shoot at 1/1000th of a sec with my camera held upside down. Remember, my sweet spot is on the bottom of the frame.

For more details and comparison shots, checkout the full article: Hacking Your Camera's Sync Speed, Pt. 2