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I'm only throught the first temple in Zelda: Twilight Princess, but I'm already struck by how much more similar Okami and Zelda are than I originally thought. More specifically, I'm shocked by how close Twilight Princess and Okami are. It's as if they shared the exact same concept art when they were being created. The spirits that you free in Twilight Princess are very, very similar in design to the gods you free in Okami, both feature darkness covering the land that you clear bit by bit, both have a wolf as the main title character, and both have an annoying companion character that rides your back as a wolf. Above you can see screenshots of the spirits/gods for comparison -- I wasn't able to find good screenshots on the Web, but these should give you a general idea.

They are still very different games and I am enjoying both. They are twins that were separated at birth and grew up in to very different adults. Both feature unique gameplay features that are fun to explore: Okami has its brush system and Twilight Princess delivers the Wii remote fun. The overall stories, despite their similarities, are also very different. But I'm still surprised when I come across yet another thing in Twilight Princess that makes me think that someone snuck a peek at the concept art from the other.

New Super Mario Bros


newsupermario.jpgI don't think I've ever reviewed a game on my blog, except to briefly note when I beat Zelda: Wind-Waker. This is mainly because I don't play that videogames that often. I will often buy the latest Nintendo console just to play Zelda, and while the SSX series had me obsessed with virtual snowboarding, it's really the classics that bring me out of semi-retirement. When I saw that New Super Mario Bros was coming out, it was the first order I placed when I returned from Japan with my DS lite.

It's a fun remake of the original side-scrollers and I love the nice touches they added in, like when the enemies jump in unison to the music. I also like that they maintained the ultimate boss-defeating strategy of the original (I view that as a spoiler as much as saying, "Kong dies"). The main game doesn't make that much use of the dual screen capabilities of the DS, which would probably interfere with the remake quality, but the minigames will test your dexterity with the touch pad.

I stopped caring about the Super Mario series when they went into 3D, which is not a complaint about 3D: I became even more obsessed with Zelda when it went into 3D. The transition into 3D for Zelda was a natural progression of the series for me, whereas Super Mario Bros lost its essential character. Zelda is a game about exploration; Super Mario is about getting from point A to point B in a straight line, occassionally taking a shortcut through a pipe. The levels are short, which is good because I don't want to aggravate my wrists, and even though the overall game is fairly short, there's plenty of sub-missions like, "collect all the gold coins," to keep completists occupied a bit longer.

ArsTechnica Review of New Super Mario Bros

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I had two teachers for algorithms class. One spoke as if conversation were a non-returning recursive function

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parakkum, m, and honeyfields are coming over tonight for some RoboRally/LotR RISK madness, but I may have found a game for our next game night: Samurai. You get ten free games before you have to pay $20, and it comes with single player, multi-player, and multi-player networked play modes.

AI in computer games


I like video games. I work in an AI lab. I am compelled to post this: AI in Computer Games - Can Computer Games Employ AI Artfully? (ACM Queue)

Environmental Video-gaming


KoKoRo posted a link to a new Gameboy Advance game in Japan that has a sunlight sensor on the cartridge. In order to use the "Sun Gun" weapon, the player has to first get power from real sunlight. This seems like a really novel idea - in addition to being a way to keep the kids out of the house it reminded me a lot of the Context-Aware Photography folks that want to include sensors in digital cameras to affect the image taken.
- KoKoRo: A Sun Sensor ame : Go outside, Get sun light and play GBA!