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PageOfText:Wiki as Twitter:Blogging


Gordon pointed me over to his Page of Text site this morning. It's kinda like Twitter, but for Wikis instead. You get a page, there's no real markup (unless you really dig for it), and that's about it . As someone who finds the entry cost and commitment of Wikis to be too steep, this is perfect for me. I remarked to him over coffee that just about ever piece of text I interact with is either (a) on a Web server or (b) in CVS/SVN. One of the only exceptions to this is the good 'ole 'scratch.txt' file that I keep on each computer that captures the isolated bits of text that have no proper home -- some todos, the occasional Unix to command, some URLs, etc...

This morning my Web server was out so I went ahead and composed an upcoming entry in my Page of Text. In fact, I'll finish composing this entry in Page of Text and you can play around with it here.