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Speaking of stats (Tuning Apache)

| has slowly been degrading in performance, but thanks to some Apache tuning slides and some followup with bp I think I have bought some more time. The key was turning off the AllowOverride for nearly every directory on this site. Way back when had very little traffic, I had created an htaccess file to help me migrate from an older MovableType installation. It turns out that a large htaccess file and a sudden influx of traffic can bring your Apache to a halt.

I've wondered what the breaking point of my setup would be. I run on my home Windows desktop over 802.11g and DSL. Eventually it was going to start showing cracks. January was the first month that this site eclipsed 50,000 visitors and there is a slight chance of breaking 60,000 this month. This isn't very large compared to other sites: Alexa ranks somewhere between 116,013 and 383,693, which is not in the range that Alexa actually considers trackable. However, is now serving 6KB/s on average, with much higher traffic during peak times and as much as 800MB in a single day. Anywhere between 10-20% of my DSL bandwidth is being eaten up, so I may have to get more creative in the future to keep things running. I've also noticed MovableType degrading, often failing to rebuild files on the first try. It will be a race between MT and my DSL line to see which requires attention next.

Here's a good feature request from with solution by Brad Choate. Tools for future-proofing MT | A Whole Lotta Nothing

Background for Movable Type users who may not understand the problem being addressed: MovableType doesn't include the IDs for your entries when you export them. If your database crashes and you try to reload it using your last MovableType export, all of the URLs for your entries are likely to change. meta and I have both had this problem -- she had it when her BerkeleyDB got corrupted, I had it when I moved to mysql. (MySQL users are a little bit more protected because they can do a database dump instead of exporting from MT).

One way to guard against this is to modify your MT settings so that it uses better URLs for your entries. Instead of naming an entry "000123.html", which is based on the entry ID, you can name it "04_07_04.entry_title.html", which "future-proofs" it against database issues.