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Breathtaking Pepsi



I have to thank Leibs for sending me this one. I've been in discussions about 'brands' and 'marks' recently and documents like Pepsi's rebranding document are a reminder to not take them too seriously. It opens with "Breathtaking Design Strategy" and ends with the birth of the Pepsi Universe. This biblical tale of bad logo Genesis is a must read.

I would think that this is a fake, except the manner in which it unfurls like a bad advertising acid trip, with little circles spinning into Pepsi smiley faces, Pepsi faces turning into the Earth, into the Sun, affecting the orbit of the Earth, which is actually a customer shopping for Pepsi... it's just too bad to be parody.

Update: and there's this video, which is either the source of the parody or confirms it

New logo for Xerox


old logo

Xerox's logo was never great, but the new logo just feels a bit... wimpy. The 'X' ball looks like they just wanted a logo for the OS X dock and the company name has swapped lowercase for uppercase.

It's a shame -- 'X' is by far the coolest letter in the alphabet. It strikes an intimidating pose when you turn your old Xerox business cards into origami:

origami x

New logo?


I dreamt this up in the morning before work. I've always found 'kwc' typographically unbalanced and awkward: the 'k' and the 'w' clash. This is one quick attempt to bring balance back.

update: some alternatives



Kenji informs me that my logo has been stolen by Creatas.

I'm offended that a design site, of all places, would dare to steal my copyrighted/patented/signature/unique Four-Square (tm) design for their own. I can remember back to the third grade when I first came up with the basic design, while swiftly dodging a red bouncy ball and advancing to first square. The original Four-Square (tm) logo design had more of a black-and-white feel back then, with a pavement texturing. There was further refinement during college, when the Four-Square (r) design took on more of an urban sidewalk feel, reflecting my move out of the suburbs.

So I say, round up the posse! I've been working on my side-spin and it's time to take Creatas down!

At last, a logo


I've owned this domain for several years now, and I've finally gotten around to doing the logo for it. Funny how, after so many years, the logo was finished in about ten seconds as I was doodling with my new brush pen. I probably won't use the logo on this blog until I have enough time to redo everything. Click on the logo to see the "redesigned" front page. Perhaps a better term would be "undesigned."

Logo love