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Sci-Fi Book List


Following the meme:

"This is a list of the 50 most significant science fiction/fantasy novels, 1953-2002, according to the Science Fiction Book Club. Bold the ones you've read, strike-out the ones you hated, italicize those you started but never finished and put an asterisk beside the ones you loved."

Mine in the extended.

though my dad's snoring is much louder than a mouse.

I already posted this on LJ over a week ago, but I'm reposting here because I'm bored enough to revisit my previous answers.

FOUR JOBS YOU'VE HAD IN YOUR LIFE 1. Ice cream scooper 2. Code monkey (very similar to #1)

FOUR MOVIES YOU COULD WATCH OVER AND OVER 1. Dead Alive 2. Happy Gilmore 3. Better Off Dead 4. Yojimbo

FOUR PLACES YOU'VE LIVED 1. Alexandria, VA 2. Okinawa, Japan 3. Boston, MA 4. San Diego, CA

FOUR TV SHOWS YOU LOVE TO WATCH (currently on-air) 1. MythBusters 2. The Daily Show 3. Colbert Report

I struck Dirty Jobs from the list because I've decided that these are the only three shows that I must watch every episode of

FOUR PLACES YOU'VE BEEN ON VACATION 1. Sasebo, Japan 2. Maui 3. Malaga, Spain 4. Smith Mountain Lake, Virgina

FOUR WEB SITES YOU VISIT DAILY 1. 2. (via bloglines) 3. 4.

FOUR OF YOUR FAVORITE FOODS 1. Tonkatsu 2. Curry 3. Fred Steak 4. Mashed potatoes

FOUR PLACES YOU'D RATHER BE RIGHT NOW 1. Chicago (never been) 2. Okinawa 3. Bilbao (never been) 4. Hawaii (just like #2, but closer, and less pig poop)

What you don't see


I thought this was an interesting meme: Jeffrey Veen asks on his blog post, "So what's in your Drafts folder?" (aka "Folder of Shame"). Here you go, a sampling of my unbaked ideas:

  • Redesigning soon
  • Tag
  • Sony copies, changes
  • More auto-captions
  • 4th Rule of Robotics
  • Bias in voices
  • Post-Tour wrapup
  • Comic-Con: T-shirt ideas
  • My own crazy conspiracy theory
  • Removed photos
  • On airports

My ten first liners


Ten Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't


Following up on parakkum's entry, I was tempted to list something like, "born in a country that I was never a citizen of," or "been in the eye of a typhoon," but I didn't really accomplish those as much as they happened to me. Similarly, I was also tempted to get really specific and say things like, "drank chianti with a nice coconunt-mango-vegetable salad and chili last night," but that perhaps defeats the purpose of this meme as well. Depending on who reads this entry, at least two of these could easily be disqualified (Push Stars and public transit), but we shall see:

  1. Burned myself with a homemade EKG
  2. Found a deadly poisonous mushroom while mushroom hunting
  3. Ate an entire pumpkin pie in one sitting during a pie-eating contest
  4. Performed in an opening act for the Push Stars
  5. Hiked to the top of two extinct volanoes (Mount Fuji and Vesuvius)
  6. Played videogames at an arcade as a typhoon approached (<200 miles) (cheating, yes, to get around the "accomplished" vs. "happened to me" qualification)
  7. Snorkeled off the coast of Okinawa
  8. Had coffee in the Captain's quarters of a US Navy vessel
  9. Flew three times between Japan and DC in two weeks
  10. Commuted on public transportation from Berkeley to Mountain View/Menlo Park/Anything past Millbrae (observing my fellow passengers, I'm pretty sure on this one)

Even less likely to be unique, due to fellow participants:

  • Filed a patent covering a novel mechanism for establishing secure connections in both the US and Europe (oh wait, DARN YOU BP!)

  • co-founded a failed startup company that made it to the front page of the WSJ

Huge whomping book list


Got this from glynn. It's a huge booklist, on which you're supposed to bold the novels you've read, and add three of your own. In addition to bolding, I italicized books that I own but haven't read yet, to illustrate just how far behind I am. As I am far behind, I haven't added any novels to the list. My rough count is that I've read 52 out of the ~430 books on the list, and have 9 more that I own (or indirectly have a copy) but haven't read. There were certain books that I think I read in high school, but seeing as I don't recall them strongly, I left them unmarked. In a couple more months, I'm sure my Terry Pratchett score will improve, as I have just started making my way through the Discworld series (Pratchett, Dahl, and Jordan are a tad bit overrepresented on this list).

My guess is that meta would destroy me on this list, as I helped her organize many of these books on her bookshelf when she moved into her latest place.

Update: as I didn't contribute three, I'll include the three meta added.

Pirate/Ninja, Elf/Dwarf Compass


compassThere's no test for this - you have to rate yourself. It's like the Political Compass, but more amusing. Are you:
1) More Elf or Dwarf?
2) More Pirate or Ninja?

For descriptions, visit From pirate dwarves to ninja elves...

I rate myself 85% ninja (b/c ninjas are sweet), and 10% dwarf.

(via blogdex)

meme propagation


popout thumbnailOne of the things I was noticing in my feed aggregator was how the "visited US states" meme has been propagating into the various blogging communities I am part of. BP was nice enough to generate a thumbnail for me so that I could view this at a macroscopic level. (He used PARC's Popout Prism to quickly generate the image).

Unfortunately, there's so many other entries in the feed reader that the maps end up squashed, but if you look at the bottom, you can see the first cluster of maps, which is mine, then BP's two maps, and tonya's. After that, there is a slight lull. honeyfields and I bugged meta to do a map as well, so then you see meta's near complete map, followed by jrc's (who reads meta's blog), and ginfiend's (who also reads meta's blog). You can tell by the amount of red in the images that meta clearly wins the contest :). You can see the full feed here (link no longer valid).

popout exampleAs Popout Prism has this neat (and central) feature that highlights keywords in the thumbnail (example of this on the left), I was thinking that it would be interesting to integrate this feature into a feed aggregator. As people in your community start talking about visited states, orkut, or a party you went to the other day, you'd be able to quickly see how hot a particular topic was. If you aggregator was especially smart, it could show you a list of what topics seemed to be hot and let you click on them to highlight them in the thumbnail and on the page. If only there were a freely available server-side toolkit :).

Matrix Persona


Aw yeah, I'm Neo.

You are Neo
You are Neo, from "The Matrix." You
display a perfect fusion of heroism and

What Matrix Persona Are You?
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