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Before this disintegrates into dust


dateThis one's a relic. Back in college I participated in a startup called Storefront Media. About the only highlight that came out of this was that we made it onto the frontpage of the Wall Street Journal, above the crease. Granted, the article had almost nothing to do with us, but seeing the name of our company there in the WSJ allowed us to grin and state with certitude, "Why, we were mentioned on the front page of the Wall Street Journal."

I'm posting it here now because, as I was packing my stuff up for an upcoming move, I came across the paper, and the past four years have not been very kind to it as you can tell. I better post it now before I lose all proof of our claim.

paper   article

Last post from memorylane, really


I keep finding really interesting things as I go back through memorylane, and this one really freaked me out. I had known that I had written this story, and I knew that it was very similar to the Matrix, but I had written it in 1996 for English class, long before the movie came out.

Much of the movie the Matrix is based on pop-sci-fi, so to find that the two stories share the same "simulated reality" premise isn't striking, but I even called it "The Matrix." There were also some other interesting quotes:

"How was he able to see through the Matrix?"

"Dozens of tubes and wires ran in and out of his body. Nutrients still poured in and out of his body, and an I.V. continuously released mind-controlling drugs into his system"

The antagonist in the story is very different (in fact, I'm not really sure who the antagonist is), so in the end the stories share as many differences as they do similarities, but I find it remarkable that the only story of mine that I've ever written for more than just a school assignment would be so similar to one of my future favorite movies.

I don't recommend reading the actual story, unless you like really bad high school SF motivated by a desire to play with different fonts, all laid out against a background that makes it hard to read, but here's the link:
The Reality

Done reminiscing


I spent a lot of time beefing up the memorylane page on the other half of this Web site. I managed to recover four Web pages, some I didn't even recall, from old backups.

The memorylane section was originally intended to be a non-professional portfolio of all the Web pages that I've done, from high school to present day, and it still is, but I also found that as I wrote entries for the pages along this timeline, it took on the more personal connotation of the title; as I wrote about my high school page, I wrote a little bit about myself in high school, and for various pages along the way I was able to share some short anecdotes and recollections. The CS Circus and Powered by Arrogance pages were real nice gems that get to see the light of day once more, while others like Storefront Media still remain mostly unearthed, and I still need to recover the NMAA page I did my sophomore year in college. With the exception of my senior year of college, there is at least one, unique Web site representing each of year of my life from junior year in high school to present.

It's a bit strange that the only recounting of my life so far exists in a series of Web pages, and slightly older generations may be shocked that I can recount between the last third to half of my life using Web pages dating back to ~1995-6. Regardless, I find it nice to be able to go back and watch my 'growth' and juxtapose it within a medium that was nascent at the time I started making Web pages and has since grown extremely rapidly. Even the design of the pages at various points serve as interesting landmarks demonstrating my own technical ability and also the current generation of Web page design.

The slow evolutionary chain and incremental dialogue on my life within those old Web pages is finally broken by this site, both in the sheer amount of content (approaching 900 entries) as well as complexity of design enabled by Movable Type and a wireless connection. This dramatic jump makes me wonder what future improvements are possible. Perhaps the next step is the new community server and aggregation tools I'm playing with, which will give me the chance to interrelate my life experiences with those I spend my life with and turn the Web page monologue into a dialogue. I don't know what results I'll achieve, but for the first time I'm starting to cross the line between publisher and toolmaker, and I'm rather excited by this.

BTW, If you go through the pages, you might even be able to find the only three photos of myself on this site that I know of, all from high school (one only shows me from the neck down holding a stapler to someone's neck).



I'm still busy crawling through all my old backup CDs, which is my version of going through a scrapbook. I'm happy at some of the bits that I'm finding there, though I seem to be missing some old Photoshop experiments that I did in high school in college. I'm guessing these were on some old zip disks that I probably discarded :( .

sanctuaryI'm posting this entry because I found this old composition I did in high school, which was one of my first composition using Photoshop. I had just gotten Photoshop and had only used it for text graphics for Web sites, so this was the first time that I really played around with photos, feathering, and opacity. I submitted it to the school art magazine in order to get extra credit for my journalism course, but it was rejected.

I look at in now and go, "wow, I actually showed a bit of promise back then. What the hell happened?" As evidence (not of promise, but of lack of accomplishment):

Photo compositions in high school: one (not too bad for first attempt)
Photo compositions since high school: one (also in 97, and not as good)
though, in my defense:
Art classes in high school: zero
Art classes since high school: zero

Anyway, I still like this composition, though I wish I could find the original Photoshop file so I could clean it up and fix some of the poorer elements. I'm still glad that I stuck with my current career path, though first attempts like this wish I had more attempts to follow.

The era of my current cell phone is nearing an end. The battery isn't doing very well and I'm inspired by all the little camera cellphones. In anticipation of a new cellphone, I thought I'd post a record here of the soon-to-be-old one.

To all of those that have 'accurate' voicemail messages, I highly recommend having a more obtuse message. It cuts down on the voicemail messages (though an awful lot of the ones you do get will start out with, 'Change your cellphone message !@#').

SFM Message