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Driving to Humboldt


Humboldt is home to every manner of redwood-tree attraction, from California's largest redwood state park, Humboldt Redwoods State Park, to the One Log Cabin to Confusion Hill -- it's the type of place photographed in old B&W California tourist photographs with cars driving through trees.

The best part about driving to Humboldt to go stroll among the redwoods, though, might be the driving. Heading north out of San Francisco you pass through the wineries of Dry Creek Valley (Unti is a favorite), Calistoga, and Russian River Valley. Then at Cloverdale you have a choice: north to Ukiah and the Mendocino Brewing Company, or east along 128 to the Anderson Valley Brewing Company and Anderson Valley wineries, or you could always head to Ukiah first and take the scenic route via 253 and do both. In Anderson Valley you might hear someone speak the Boontling dialect, which seems made up to attract tourists, but I haven't been yet to find out. If you headed out to Anderson Valley you'll eventually end up in the seaside town of Mendocino; if you take the faster route to Humboldt up 101 you'll pass through some more wineries in Hopland.

As you cross into Humboldt county you'll come across Benbow Lake State Recreation Area and the nearby Benbow Inn, which my dad and I had a good lunch at. Then you're in Garberville, last stop before the Avenue of the Giants and Humboldt Redwoods State Park.  Granted, with all the alcohol-related stops I mentioned above, you might not be making it that far without a designated driver or a spare liver.