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Tour of California 2010 Route


As many have already heard via the coordinated Schwartzenegger, Armstrong, Leipheimer, Hincapie, and Zabriskie twittering, the 2010 Tour of California Route has been unveiled. really took the lead on getting the early draft route details out to the public, so you should head on over for the latest.

Given Steephill's work on figuring on the route, the real surprise for the day was Armstrong confirming for the race. He had indicated a desire to race the Giro instead, so this is a pretty big win for the ToC in terms of PR. There is certainly going to be a talent drain over previous years due to the scheduling conflicts, but where Armstrong goes, many follow.

The Tour of California will cover a lot of new ground this year. Feel free to send suggestions my way. I've outlined some of my spots I've used in the past based on previous experience. I usually finalize my plans for the next stage the night before or even the morning of -- you never know what opportunities come your way at the last second. I generally look for 2-3 prime stops to stop at along the course to shoot photos, or even just 1 stop if there's a can't miss location. Some people can do two or even three times as many stops, but I like to keep my sanity.

As a general outline:

  • Prologue: short course, not much planning required
  • Stage 1: I'll probably be shooting in Santa Rosa all day to catch the womens' criterium. Santa Rosa shows up for the ToC so I'm sure the festivities this year are worthwhile.
  • Stage 2: Golden Gate plus one other location, possible chosen from Fritz's excellent Santa Cruz Shooting Locations Guide. This is the only chance to shoot Pacific Coast Highway this year, so it's hard to pass up.
  • Stage 3: Sierra Road plus somewhere else? Sierra Road is not likely to be the shooting spot it has been in past years due to the proximity to the start
  • Stage 4: Entirely new route, who knows?
  • Stage 5: Another new route, who knows?
  • Stage 6: Solvang classic -- I personally like shooting in the scenic Los Olivos. There's farms, windmills, trees, and vineyards. Lots of people like shooting the climb, though I'm looking for doing side profile shots instead of head-on this year.
  • Stage 7: The route just after Santa Clarita is a really interesting rocky landscape. The top of Millcreek Summit itself is rather boring. They do enough laps around Pasadena that you can follow the race into the city, park, and see the finish if you're efficient.
  • Stage 8: Palomar is obvious, but the key is where. From the AV list I found a couple of links that the El Camino Bike Shop put up for Stage 8:

Tour of California Stage 3 Details


Stage 3 of the Tour of California is shaping up to be a gem. Here's the approximate route:

  • Sausalito
  • Golden Gate
  • Highway 1 to Half Moon Bay
  • Up Tunitas Creek to Skyline and La Honda Road
  • Back to Highway 1 via Pescadero Road
  • Bonny Doon Road climb
  • Down Empire Grade Road to Santa Cruz

More details in the Merc (thanks AV list)

Tour of California: Mountain Top Finish!


toc.logo.gifWe've begged for it and now we have it: the 2009 Tour of California will finish atop Mt. Palomar.


Here's the route:

  • Stage 1 (Feb 14): Sacramento
  • Stage 2 (Feb 15): Davis - Santa Rosa
  • Stage 3 (Feb 16): Sausalito - Santa Cruz
  • Stage 4 (Feb 17): San Jose - Modesto
  • Stage 5 (Feb 18): Merced - Clovis
  • Stage 6 (Feb 19): Visalia - Paso Robles
  • Stage 7 (Feb 20): Solvang
  • Stage 8 (Feb 21): Santa Clarita
  • Stage 9 (Feb 22): Rancho Bernardo - Escondido

The big standouts:

  • 1 more stage, no more prologue
  • The race finally makes it to San Diego (County) with a finish in Escondido.
  • Sausalito - Santa Cruz! I'm excited to see the Cruzians get their stage finish, even if it means that Palo Alto lost the bid.
  • No more Big Sur route (Monterrey - SLO), perhaps due to last year's death march. Sausalito - Santa Cruz will probably provide some Pacific Coast Highway scenery to compensate
  • Most of the stage routes are brand new, though a couple (San Jose - Modesto, Davis - Santa Rosa) appear to be reversed routes from last year.
  • Modesto-Clovis could have some good mountain climbs in it. It will be the first time the ToC hits the Sierras.

And here's the press release

I was worried that with difficult fund raising in 2008 that Palo Alto was hosting its first and last Tour of California stage, but there's good new lurking in the Palo Alto Weekly:

Palo Alto is vying to host a finish for a day-long stage of the 2009 race that would start north of San Francisco, drop down out of the Santa Cruz mountains and finish in downtown.

The Santa Cruz mountains were featured so well in the Bettini/Boonen Specialized commercials -- it's about time they get some ToC peloton action.

Tour of California 2008 Route


toc.logo.gifThe 2008 Amgen Tour of California Route has been announced. Some interesting details:

  • Prologue: The short prologue trades SF's Telegraph Hill for the Stanford Oval. The Oval should provide better viewing for spectators, but less challenging for the riders.
  • Stage 1/2: Pretty much the same?
  • Stage 3: Mt Hamilton has been added to the course, so the riders will now have to contend with both the Hamilton and Sierra Rd climb in a 26 mile stretch, before the long 18-mile run-in to the finish. Voigt, Leipheimer, and Horner managed to succeed in a break with just Sierra Road in the mix. The addition of Hamilton adds a much desired climb and new strategic element to the race.
  • Stage 4/5/6: Pretty much the same?
  • Stage 7: The final stage gets a bit of retooling: a 60-mile course from Santa Clarita to Pasadena, including the highest elevation of any ToC route (Millcreek Summit), followed by 6 five-mile laps around the Rose Bowl.

Now I'm off to head to route announcement ceremony at Palo Alto.

Tour de France 2008 Route


2008.tour.route.jpgThe 2008 route for the Tour de France has been announced. It's being billed as an more 'unpredictable' course that launches straight into three road stages in Brittany and a stage 4 individual time trial. Stage 16, right after a rest day, is being billed as an especially interesting stage: 157km, with 62km of climbing and 43km of descent over two climbs.

I'm in the typical whiner camp: I like prologues and I miss the team time trial. Stage 17 features Alpe d'Huez, which is nice consolation.

amgen.tour.2007.route.gifThe route for the 2007 Amgen Tour of California has been released. It shares similar elements from the 2006 event, such as the Coit Tower prologue, stage finish in Santa Rosa, and a stage 3 climb up Sierra Road with finish in front of San Jose City Hall. Other details are quite notably different. The time trial has been shifted from stage 3 to stage 5, most likely due to the decisiveness of the stage last year. As a result, the TT will occur in Solvang, so us Bay Area folk will have a bit more of a trip than last year's San Jose doubleheader. There are still no mountaintop finishes, which means that the TT will probably maintain its decisive role.

Summary of changes: * Prologue and Stage 1: appear to be identical * Stage 2: Added new stage between Santa Rosa and Sacramento. Last year stage 2 started in Concord and featured the Sierra Road climb * Stage 3: Sierra Road climb shifted to this stage, with stage start in Stockton instead of Concord. Time trial moved to stage 5. * Stage 4: Appears to be identical to previous Seaside/San Luis Obispo route. * Stage 5: New time trial in Solvang. Still mostly flat. * Stage 6: Instead of 4 KOM climbs from Santa Barbara to Thousand Oaks, it is now 4 KOM climbs to Santa Clarita. * Stage 7: Conclusion now in Long Beach instead of in Redondo Beach

Amgen Route Announcement and Details

Tour de France Route '07


*Update: See also CyclingNews' Map and Stage Descriptions

Tour riders will have some unrestful rest days this year. After two days of climbing in the Alps, they will earn their first rest day, but they will immediately get hit with Stage 9's lovely combo of l'Iseran, Telegraphe, and Galibier. The next rest day follows the same strategy: 2 days of Alps climbs, rest day, and then a mountain top finish on Col d'Aubisque.

Sadly, no team time trial or mountain time trial, but it should be an exciting route. A London start is a fun plus: it should be added incentive for Millar to show his Prologue legs.

'07 Tour route unveiled

I'm really looking forward to the Tour of California next year. The crowds were big this year, but think of the Floyd Landis effect. There are In-n-Out Burger chains in/near all the new host cities (Sacramento, Stockton, and Long Beach have In-n-Outs, there's one nearby Santa Clarita in Newhall, and Salinas is 20 min from Seaside), so Landis will be unable to resist entering.

The route itself is still under wraps, but here the basics are below. It was previously announced that San Jose would not get two stages this year; now we know that the time trial has migrated south to Solvang.

  • Prologue: Sunday, Feb. 18 - San Francisco
  • Stage 1: Monday, Feb. 19 - Sausalito to Santa Rosa
  • Stage 2: Tuesday, Feb. 20 - Santa Rosa to Sacramento
  • Stage 3: Wednesday, Feb. 21 - Stockton to San Jose
  • Stage 4: Thursday, Feb. 22 - Seaside to San Luis Obispo
  • Stage 5: Friday, Feb. 23 - Solvang time trial
  • Stage 6: Saturday, Feb. 24 - Santa Barbara to Santa Clarita
  • Stage 7: Sunday, Feb. 25 - Long Beach circuit race

The definites for me are the prologue and stage 3. The most curious for me is the stage 5 Solvang time trial -- they probably moved that later as the time trial was too decisive too early in the 2006 event. Stage 6 also looks like it could be really exciting -- my guess is that it will swing up through Ojai and top a mountain or two. I'm thinking of driving down Thursday night and taking in stages 5-7 in addition to the prologue and stage 3. (To all you Tour of Georgians -- next year might also be the year I make it out to Brasstown Bald).

Amgen Tour of California Press Release: AEG Announces Host Cities for 2007

Tour of California Full Route Announced


Tour of CaliforniaThe full route and maps are available on the Tour of California site. They include departure times, estimated arrival times, elevation profiles, and both Google Maps and pdf versions of the road route. Stage 5 goes through Solvang, where both Discovery and CSC are training. It should be a good test of who knows the Cat 1 San Marco Pass better. If work dies down a bit I may just have to road trip down, but if not I'll have to be content with the Cat 1 climb up Sierra Road in San Jose for Stage 2.