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Sophtspheroid: Final Regular Season Game


Dang it was close. We lost by a run.

Even with Adam's Triple,
We couldn't beat the cripple
We let him save face
and won last place

Sophtspheroid Week 9


We lost ~12-2 to the BadHops. Not a great offensive game for us.

There once was a man from Nantucket
who bat was so long -
Yeah BadHops

Sophtspheroid Week 8


With the help of "new guy" Devon and Olma we tied this one with the Funky Bunch. Just gotta work on my offense now.

If you're going to play extra innings you need to pack a lunch All we have is beer Yeah Funky Bunch

Sophtspheroid Week 7


5:30 games are a killer. We only had 8 of our own players and borrowed Dave and Michael from the BadHops. We only lost ~6-4, but according the rules (1 run/inning penalty for only 1 woman), we probably lost by much more.

Sophtspheroid Week 6


Lost to the Lodge (again), but this time the game was really close. We only lost by two runs.

We think it was a trap
Mom's shirt is covered in crap
Next time we'll use corked bats

Sophtspheroid Week 5


Lost to the Hitfolk by a bunch, but they're undefeated anyway and a nice team to play.

Sophtspheroid Week 4


We lost by a bunch to the lodge. I don't even remember the score, but it was fun.

Sophtspheroid Week 3


Finally won one - and under a lunar eclipse to boot. Beat the Ducks 20-5.

Sophtspheroid Week 2


Lost to Hitfolk 16-11, or thereabouts. Most of our runs came from the 1 run/inning penalty for the Hitfolk not having two women, but we still had fun. Seni is playing with us now, but we were missing Steve, Al, Ray, and Christiaan to name a few. Ming's was yummy.

Sophtspheroid Week 1


Lost to Funky Bunch ~10-3. Al and Lisa are now playing for the team.



Funky Bunch 17, Asteroids 16

We don't have to rhyme We do it all the time So on Saturday lets bring lunch And watch the Funky Bunch