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IMG_0314 Landis Approaching the Finish Line-1

I like 'em enough to crosspost


I like these photos enough to cross post 'em (original entry here)

IMG_9395 IMG_9384 IMG_9315

This was my first time out shooting with my new Canon 30D. It was also my first time shooting a race under tree-shaded conditions. Although many of the photos didn't expose properly, these are some of my favorite photos that I've ever taken at a cycling race. The lighting created such interesting contrasts in the photos, the trees are a much better backdrop than business parks, and there is so much more detail with the ambient lighting. It's much more... dramatic.

These photos got buried under a pile: the next day was the Burlingame Criterium, then next week Al and I did a time trial, and then I had to shoot two weddings in the following weeks. Rather than bury them any longer, I've decided to go ahead to post them without processing.

IMG_9552 IMG_9399 IMG_9441 IMG_9210 IMG_9387 IMG_9313 IMG_9566 IMG_9520 IMG_9514 IMG_9475 IMG_9416 IMG_9115 IMG_9220 IMG_9223 IMG_9268 IMG_9276

IMG_9065 IMG_8931

Pescadero Road Race

Levi @ Lombardi Sports



I got to see Levi Leipheimer speak at Lombardi Sports, where he talked about altitude tents, his upcoming season and more. And he signed the photo I have hanging up in the kitchen.

Much more details, photos, and video over at spare cycles