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My Mac-killing superpower is going strong -- I just received news of three more dead Macs in the office: two along my corridor, and one on the adjacent corridor. The two along my corridor I have used before, but the one in the adjacent corridor makes me think that my superpower is getting more potent. Also, I almost hit for the cycle: eMac, iBook, and PowerBook. I don't think we have any iMacs around, but I should try focusing my powers to see if I can take out one of the imposing G5 PowerMacs.

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I think I've discovered my mutant superpower. I've long pondered this after we discovered honeyfield's ability, which is the power to speak to anyone, including extreme geeks (artisty/gamer/programmer), for extended periods of time; hers is a very useful power to have at Comic-Con.

My power, depending on your allegiances, either qualifies me as a superhero or supervillain. Without saying what my power is specifically, I will present evidence rendered in crude infovis.

MacWorld (data you have provided in comments, as well as macs at work not in my immediate vicinity):


Mac Office ('k' = me):


iLife (Macs that have had direct, frequent contact with me [metamanda, honeyfields, d, parakkum, ln m, pqbon]):


I think I'll make frequent trips to the Apple Store to see if I can focus my powers...